so i’m laying in bed

and for the first time in a few days i’m really just laying here instead of rolling around and laughing and watching movies and sighing deeply. He’s been here and i have loved that greatly. it’s interesting having Him here and how much different i am as a result. i haven’t really wanted to post anything for some reason. slightly afraid i might jinx things and really still trying to be selfish a bit and save this one thing for myself. but i am happy and safe and feeling quite loved right now. if that changes i’m sure you’ll know. hell i tell you guys everything lol eventually even when i don’t exactly mean to. i hope everyone is well and that you enjoy the holidays if they are coming up for you next week. my mother is STILL gone yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh so i get to make my duck when i’m ready to eat it and not heat it up cause it’s been sitting for 3 hours. hope i’ll talk to you guys later.


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  1. i am guessing you haven’t read the blog in quite some time. because i haven’t heard from Him in nearly a year RS and i are no longer together. i have begun seeing someone else.

  2. Yes, your right, I wish I had the time to read your blog on a regular, but I don’t. I’m glad that you have found someone new and I was asking if you were in a D/s relationship with the new person in your life?

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