the old cliche rings true

sometimes a girl just needs a bubble bath. i’ve been feeling like crap for a while and i kept thinking i need to destress and listen to my music and chill in the tub. didn’t do it. worked till i passed out and kept a vice grip on my teddy bear while i slept. i took one the other day, bubble bath that is, and it was great. had good music playing and when i got out of the soaking i ran to the store so the good music came with me. all i can say is it cleared my head. i will be happy and enjoy my life and if someone is able to join me on that journey great. but if not i have so much to be happy about and smile about.

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  1. I’m truly glad that you have reached some peace in your soul. I was going to suggest treating yourself to a good massage or a day at the spa. Sometimes we all need to take a little time to ourselves and revive. I wish you well on your journey, your heart will get what it needs eventually. I enjoy your blog.

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