i’m so in trouble

and i deserve it. i haven’t intentionally not studied but with the lovely cramping and being on call i just really haven’t been focused on what i’m doing with my work. i will be able to buckle down again this weekend since i’m off call and have no standing engagements. i don’t have to leave all weekend again and i should be able to get through another two or three sections at least. keep your fingers crossed for me because when He sees this then the spanking count that i don’t like is going to go up. the other spanking count, you know the fun one, that one is great and all but the icky punishment one has been low and i appreciate that.

anyhoo, does anyone remember chick-o-sticks? those were the best things ever when i was little. the only time i can tolerate coconut is in chick-o-sticks. i’ve been using them to feed my sugar fix during this lovely period of the month. great but i’d prefer to have the big sticks instead of the individually wrapped bits. still it’s been yummy yummy yummy in my tummy.

tonight was the end of the starter wife. not sure how many of you were watching it but i really liked it. i think i just really like debra messing and like to see what she can do with a role. it was a short summer series and while they wrapped it up all nice and stuff i would have liked to see it continue. i didn’t watch the web episodes (webisodes for the technologically savvy) but i may watch them now. click HERE if you want to know what i’m talking about.

and finally i really like this song. it made me remember all the stupid men i have dated and recovered from lol. the video though is just damn twisted and strange. JT gets a little violent and Scarlett is looking very Christina Aguilera-ish during the whole thing. not that i don’t think X-tina and the Timberman wouldn’t be an interesting mix but she’s very married and in wuv and he is dating Jessica Biel or the actress formally known as the church hottie (okay so maybe i was the only one that referred to her as such but they really made a big deal of her being uber hot when she was still on seventh heaven). if you want give it a watch but warning up front while the song is maybe 6 minutes and some change the video is almost 10.

Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around…

Posted Feb 12, 2007

Justin Timberlake has a wild love affair with Scarlett Johansson while performing an epic single at a stylized LA club.

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  1. Great blog, but make sure to study or someone is going to post awful words about how the you chose the lifestyle or how you chose it or whatever. LOL i couldn’t resist.

    Ok, doctor-type lady, love u bye-bye. Oh i need to watch more tv; i didn’t know Justin was making movie videos now. How cool i likes him.

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