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okay i can’t blame this on what i ate cause i went to bed well after i ate. i can’t blame this on something i was watching because really i was watching cartoons. this was just apparently a weird dream night. at first i was either dating jerry springer or dating robin thicke and was being interviewed by jerry springer because paula patton had called the show pissed off. now i think jerry is a sweet old man and as white guys go robin thicke is kinda purty but neither one of them are on my wouldn’t it be nice to date now radar.

the next part of the dream was equally bizarre. i was on the camera crew for flavor of love season 1 and i was in charge of following new york and someone else around. all i kept thinking was this poor idiot just doesn’t know what’s good for her and she needs to raise up out of here. well that and i’m not remotely sure how the hell any of this is going to be usable footage. i went out for a smoke break and never came back. that led to the last part of the dream.

i was on a train in tokyo. i was confused as hell though and thought i was going to miss an appointment. i got off at this station and walked over to the help desk to figure out where i was supposed to be going. betty white was working the help desk, yes THE betty white, and she asked me how she could help me. so i told her and she said oh honey you are just flustered go upstairs and get something to eat. so i went up the cafeteria and ran into this lovely chocolate man that i don’t know from adam but who was apparently looking for me. we hugged and then went through the line to get something to eat. as we were checking out i bumped into peyton manning. yeah that peyton manning. choco cutie introduces me like i’m some random girl who doesn’t watch sports lol and i say yeah i know who he is we were in school in tennessee at the same time and i lived in indiana while he was playing. peyton jokes that i must be following him and now i caught him. i indignantly say i’m not looking for you and if i was trying to catch you then i would have done so by now. he shook his finger at me a la dikembe mutumbo and it got close enough to my mouth that i started sucking it and didn’t stop till i saw that look that men get when their little quarterback gets all ready to hike the ball. i let it go with a pop and he looked confused before he said if i get divorced it’s your fault. choco friend smirked and took me off to a table and i woke up.

da hell is all of that? can someone PLEASE help me out here? really now this was weird i mean i HATE peyton manning. i’m glad he finally won but mainly for tony dungy and because if he choked this time indiana would have imploded lol. there’s no way in creation i’d suck on anything peyton ever gave me. just eww.

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  1. Well my ex boyfriend had a dream he woke up and i was laying next to him. what can we blame that on sis lol

  2. Maybe it’s a dream caused by the hole in the ozone…or global warming. On second thought it was causd by that new planet 20 light years away

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