the sweetest thing i’ve ever known

…was like the kiss on a collar bone…..

that’s what i woke up this morning thinking. and i mean i woke up this morning lol. i didn’t wake up with my normal grumpy the hell time is it please let me sleep for 30 more minutes and i promise i’ll get up mantra. i woke up, brushed my teeth, took my shower and was getting dressed when i realized it. but i was so focused on the end of a really sweet dream that i couldn’t really stop myself. it was blissful ESPECIALLY after sucking on peyton’s finger just damn ewwww. off tangent if you hear of a really tall Black man pimp slapping peyton somewhere know that Roaming Soldier did not appreciate his appearance in my dream one little bit lol. that whole conversation was weird but i digress. i’m not going to share this dream because honestly i want Him to hear about it first. once He knows then i’ll touch base with y’all about it. but as weird as the last dream was, this one was all things sweet and light and i woke up feeling loved which is an amazing feeling if you have never experienced it. could have just been my brain rewarding me for finally going to bed on time and waking up on time but i will take it each and every day if it means i wake up like that.

i do need to get in the bed now. i need to write Him a letter to send with His cards and stuff since i can’t send myself. well i could but knowing our military i’d end up four bases away from His and wondering what happened to all the paddles and things that were packed with me. okay that’s not fair. it’s not the military that has us all screwed up over there. it’s that “commander guy” who is to blame. that is taking away from my high though. mailing myself might be more interesting if it didn’t require a transatlantic voyage and had potty facilities OH and if i knew for certain once i got there they’d leave us alone for at least an hour or twelve. okay listen to lauryn hill and you’ll get the title and first line if you don’t already know.

love ya

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