lazy afternoon

the good thing about being caught up on paperwork is well that i’m caught up. the bad thing is i have absolutely NOTHING to do while i’m on call right now because i was a good girl and cleared my schedule mostly. i was productive even if i was bored out of my mind most of the day. and surprisingly those last two hours flew by and i actually called ahead to see if the thing i wanted would be at the store or not. the store is totally out of the way so there is no need to head that way if they don’t. lucky for me i called because they didn’t have what i wanted and the store that i actually had to go to didn’t appear to have it either. well until i went to the section the nice lady told me it shouldn’t be in and voila there ya go. i grabbed a few different kinds and then finished my shopping and came home to a buttload of mail. i hate when we have no mail for a while because it piles up to a ridiculous amount when it starts running again. i got something from my sorority yippee lol well actually two things so that was interesting. i got the other invitation i was waiting on that we cannot use now lol because it’s purple. Roaming Soldier said clearly that He didn’t care what they looked like as long as they weren’t purple. it’s a pretty color and all but can’t be making RS mad for no apparent reason. the spankings that evening should be happy ones not damn i’m in trouble ones.

in general i’m feeling pretty good right now. i miss Him but i know as of saturday that He was okay and missing me. i found a cute present for Him for valentine’s day. that means i have to mail it in the next week or so otherwise it won’t get to Him before the 14th. it’s nice to feel this way even as i get ready to make my life a little chaotic for the next few months. after it’s done and i can finally curl up with Him in some nice cushy bed forgetting about all the crap that had to happen in order for that to be the case i’ll be a really happy girl. okay i’m gonna go finish being lazy so i can go to bed.

night night

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  1. i love it when . . . life is good. Yeh, i know we’ve already talked about all of this. i just want to post on your blog.

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