give till it hurts

the season usually makes me want to do more volunteer work or give more money out than i normally do to charities. for the last year or so i’ve been sponsoring a little boy from the phillipines through Children’s International. it’s a good organization and lets me and him keep in as much contact as we like. i sent him a not yesterday along with some extra funds for the christmas season. in the grand scheme of things not a massive amount of money but it will help him out i hope. beyond that (if you can spare it please look into sponsoring a kid or getting involved with big brothers big sisters or something that helps you influence a child’s life in a positive fashion) it’s time for the angel tree and because December 1st is World AIDS Day, please consider lighting a candle at the Light to Unite website and/or give a donation to the National AIDS fund. they hoped to get 100K candles lit before Friday and were able to surpass that but let’s keep the candles firing if we can.

okay i’m exhausted from taking mommy shopping. see y’all later.


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