nights like this i wish….

……that raindrops would fall. okay i have mentioned here before that i have ombrophilia which is getting turned on from rain or being rained upon. check out the dictionary of unusual sexual terms for more fetishes and interesting words. apparently i didn’t scroll all the way down the page because pluviophilia means the same thing. for some reason i like ombrophiliac more than pluviophiliac. could just because i have seen the term longer. i’m sure you are wondering about all the extra disclosure lol but it’s raining something awful here and will be doing a mix of rain and snow for the next 24 hours at least. i love the sound, so wet, so soothing, very gentle when there is no thunder or lightening. but it makes me so dang on horny it’s bordering on unbearable. i miss Roaming Soldier enough when it’s just been a few days since we spoke but on days like today i need to be with Him very badly. there will be new smut soon. i just need to eat and calm down a bit. okay darlings i’ll bother you later.


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