cha cha channnnnnnnnges

okay not really massive ones. i spent about twenty minutes earlier today putting more labels on different posts. i haven’t decided if i’m going to try to put a category listing up yet or not but if there’s a theme you like (umm cookie peddling or life is good for example) just click on it and it will take you to a different page with all of the posts that have been similarly labeled. some have a bunch, some not so many but i’m not nearly half through with them—that will take a while there are 385 posts including this one—so bare with me and i’ll get it taken care of as soon as i feel like killing some more time.

the other new thing i did today that you may or may not have noticed is the favicon next to my url in the address bar. okay so i was feeling jealous of all the nice pages that had it up there so i spent some time last night trying to figure it out. the first page i went to was absolutely the most helpful ever. one page led to a program that if i was remotely patient i could have learned how to work. ummm but we all know that not to be the case. that led me to THIS page that just did it for me. it was like a five minute procedure but then i remembered i’m on blogger and don’t use a FTP client on a regular basis so i couldn’t upload it until i figured that part out. did that after talking to a silly friend today and voila, i got a little red in your url windows.

beyond that nothing major is going on. i booked my flight back to school for graduation and ordered announcements to send out lol. they will likely get there around the same time i get to my hotel but it’s an announcement not an invitation really so big whoop. they are red–big shock there lol–and i love em. other than that i order me a nice big collection of shiny new porn. i likea the porn from time to time. it helps take the kitties out with reckless abandon when my own imagination has been tapped out. okay back to watching silly movies now. have a good night.


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