nocturnal submission

He was watching her from the door. she was laying on her stomach, smothering those ample breasts He loved to play with so much, fast asleep. well at least she looked that way from where He was standing. she was drifting in and out of consciousness and she was closer to being out of it at that moment. she thought she was dreaming that she felt Him so nearby but not next to her. a smile curled on her lips and she snuggled up with her bear. He walked over to her then and debated covering her with the sheet as she lay there or ripping off the only stitch of clothing she was wearing and molest her. she stirred briefly as He pulled the sheet up to her lower back and grazed her skin. she was soft, warm, and unassuming. her hair was falling about her face haphazardly. she was His sweet little girl, His most favorite cookie peddler and she looked like she needed the rest. He almost felt bad about wanting to wake her up but she kicked the sheet back off in her sleep and her barely covered bottom flashed at Him then. He stopped feeling bad as His big and little brain connected on the same idea.

He inched her panties down her legs, stopping whenever it seemed like she might wake up. He tossed them aside then climbed into bed with her. He straddled her legs and waited for her to shift in response to His weight above her. her legs parted slightly as she shoved herself up on the bed a little. it wasn’t a lot of room but if He tried to force them apart anymore then she would surely come out of her stupor and kill His fun. His hands slid between her thighs and tiptoed to her pussy. for once she wasn’t dripping for Him even though a few passes of His fingers produced some noticeable wetness. He smiled to Himself and licked His fingers clean before repeating His previous intrusion. He did it over and over again until she was nearly coming out of her haze. every time she moved more than an inch or two He’d stop and wait for her to be still again. when He began anew, each intrusion pushed into her further and threatened to make her cum in her sleep. His fingers slid inside her and pressed upward. her breath quickened, her legs squeezed tightly around His wrist and she started cumming on His hand.

He wanted to pull His hand away before she started moving again but that wasn’t to be. her legs kept Him trapped as the walls of her pussy kept contracting around His fingers. the sensations were making Him rock hard and all thoughts of letting her sleep were quickly leaving His mind. but she wouldn’t let go of His hand and His only other option was to yank it away and thus surely waking her up. a noise broke His concentration then.

“Daddy are You gonna fuck me now or not?”

He smiled and slapped her ass. she let go of His captive hand and rolled more completely on her stomach. He didn’t bother to get undressed, choosing to free His dick instead and slid into her wetness without another thought. she raised up and met each of His strokes. their bodies moved with one another easily and tumbled toward orgasm with urgency. she bit into the pillow when He started slapping her ass harder. His hands slid over the tattoo on the small of her back and one arm ventured up to her neck. she cooed when she felt His hand pull at the tendrils of hair closest to Him. He tugged gently at her hair as He began moving inside of her more intensely. she sighed deeply as His fingers danced around her neck again before her body started the path to her orgasm. her nipples were hard as they swept back and forth over the pillow. little bolts of electricity were floating along her skin and leading directly back into her center. she felt like she was going to explode all over Him and He was wondering about that Himself. her pussy was tugging on Him harder and at that point He just let her body contort and contract around Him.

she shuddered as her first orgasm hit. she whimpered a bit when she noticed He wasn’t set on tormenting her again. but it didn’t take long for her to wiggle her ass into position and fuck Him from where she was pinned. her pussy was warm wet silky hand sliding around Him. she increased her pace and with each stroke she pulled Him closer to orgasm with her. His hands grabbed her hips and took over the thrusting again. before she could pant out that she loved Him she came again. she begged Him to cum with her and He couldn’t help but slide over the edge. He loved it when she pleaded with Him so passionately. He focused His attention on plundering the lips that were speaking directly to His dick. she started moaning again and reached underneath both of them to grab His balls. she tugged and squeezed them both gently and heard Him moan from above her. He told her she was a bad little girl and emptied His dick inside of her as she let go of her final orgasm. she squeezed Him gently again and then released Him. her hands snaked out in front of her as she stretched under Him. He lowered Himself over her and spoke softly into her ear.

“you just refuse to let Daddy surprise you huh?”

“oh no i was very surprised until i started cumming Daddy. i was having a good dream but it wasn’t THAT good,” she said with a laugh.

“okay little girl. let’s go back to sleep now darling.”

He kissed her cheek and then snuggled with her until they both drifted off.

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