forgive me if this goes too fast

ok i am clearly having a prince moment. and ummm if anyone knows what’s going on with that lawsuit please feel free to let me know. anyhoo. it’s been a few days again. i can’t say anything has caused the absence. i’ve been no busier than normal even though the clients have been way more intense. my mother is being my mother and there’s not much more to say on that. i came home and started baking which is always clue number 1 that i am more stressed than i’m willing to let on. well not only did i come back in and start baking. i left home after being out twice (we won’t speak about the second trip right now because i would just choke my mother) to run to a store to get two extra baking pans so that i could make brownies at the same time, well blondies and brownies, and not have to wait until one pan was cool and ready to be cut.

i’ve been falling asleep without warning lately. i remember working on the computer and then i’m out like a light. i missed Roaming Soldier last time because of that, well and because the computer is periodically overrun by gremlins that make it reboot so i was knocked off of yahoo. i have to be up early as creation on tuesday to take the old woman to the doctor but i took the rest of the day off to do whatever i like. off tangent. i would really like a blondie but i am feeling too sleepy to get up and go get it.

ok so i went to sleep and i am now resuming this post. the storm is rolling in and and making me sleepier. i really got a good amount of sleep and it was wonderful. i had no dreams, well no dreams i can remember, because they have been awfully strange lately. i’d much rather be curled up with Him right now and waiting for Littlest Soldier to come running around the corner telling us to feed her. i feel a little tickle in my throat but it’s not all that unpleasant yet. i’ll take some cough drops until it gets unbearable then i’ll drug myself up and call it a day.

despite dealing with mother and the client weeks from hell, i am actually doing all right. would i be better if He was home and we were taking care of each other? i’m almost certain of that. however, there’s a fair to even shot one of us might be all pregnant and stuff and so the posts that weren’t all smutty would be about how uncomfortable it is to have too many babies in your belly. well i guess it wouldn’t be too many if they were there but lord knows i’d be complaining until they all came out. but then again i think i’m gonna be a complainer no matter how many are in there period. i just feel it in me lol. i have to say though that no matter how much i complain i’l probably be happy as a lamb when it’s all said and done.

here’s a surprise for me and hell probably all of you. i have yet to be excessively horny lately. have i been stressed? oh for certain and i have started baking in response to that. i turn into happy homemaker when i get superstressed. it really is quite sad lol, really. i could bake folks out of the house–cookies, brownies, cakes, pies and not stop until i was feeling better which when i switch into that mode takes a while. i am hoping the rain fixes that. i miss killing the kittens and damn it if they aren’t running amuck through my brain. ahhh it’s starting now. now if i could just climb up in His lap and bounce around it would be great. instead i went shopping for a new outfit that i’m sure He’ll love and some more For Her to rub on myself whenever i get all cute and dressed up. in case you are confused, i have the spray, i just love lotion more so i got some from a discounter. narciso makes wonderful smelling stuff but ummm 50 bucks for lotion i can’t pick up in town is crazy.

okay enough of my tangental babbling. have a good morning boys and girls and all those in between.

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