The Honeymoon’s Over

The plane landed on time for a change. They’d get tonight alone before their daughter returned and life as a family officially began. He was loading their car while she talked to someone on the phone. she hung up and made another call. Once she checked on the little one, she gave Him the phone so they could chat while she slid into her seat. He got in and finished the call and then started the car. “baby why are we headed to the office? Don’t we have more interesting things to do at home?”

“Of course we do but i have a surprise for You there. Come with me Daddy, i promise i won’t keep You there longer than You need to be.”

He cruised through the streets absentmindedly, having made the trek over to her office or more than enough to know the way. she led Him to the locked door and turned the key on the private practice she shared with a few colleagues. A sub they knew from the area was at the receptionist desk and He looked at her and then at His wife slightly confused. she smiled at Him and told Him that He should check in with the receptionist and sashayed away from Him to her office. He figured He play along and checked in. the submissive smiled at Him and then buzzed His wife. He expected her to come get Him right away and was stunned when five minutes had gone by and she hadn’t walked out yet. He sat down and watched His watch and the receptionist for the next ten minutes. He was about to demand she be buzzed when her office door opened and she walked out to get Him. she had changed into a pair of lined hose, four inch stillettos He was sure she never wore to work, a black skirt slit up her thigh, a white button down shirt and a black jacket to match her skirt. she had brushed her hair back into a simple pony tail and put on a fresh coat of lipstick. she looked over at their friend and winked at her before saying she could go home early. that He would be okay with her as He was her last client of the day. the sub left her chair quickly and His wife walked over to lock the door behind her.

“sorry to keep You waiting Sir. Please follow me to my office and i’ll see what i can do to be of assistance to You,” she said in a well rehearsed and very professional way. she had idle chit chat with Him until they reached her office and she locked the door behind them. she let Him choose where He wanted to sit and then sat opposite of Him. “Tell me what’s bringing You in today.”

He wanted to see how far she would take this before she pounced on Him so He decided to play along. “Well I just married a wonderful woman but I think she might be bored with our sex life.”

“Really? Why do You think that?”

“Well we just landed from a very romantic and passionate honeymoon and she wanted to go into her office instead of going home.”

“What kind of work does Your wife do?”

“Actually, I feel a little silly. she’s a therapist, just like you.”

“What do You know about what Your wife does at the office?”

“Just what she chooses to share. Mostly she seems to help people plan for their lives and time after therapy ends. I don’t think she’s doing anything above and beyond that, or at least I hope not but her client must have been very important to her if she wanted to come instead of letting Me take her to bed again.”

“Did she mention what type of client she had?”

“No not really, just that she had a surprise for Me,” He was getting a bit annoyed now. His sexy therapist fantasy was getting crushed by the conversation. But at that moment she did what she normally did and tapped into His consciousness.

“Well i will have to admit, Your wife asked me to talk to You. she wanted to let You see for Yourself if there was any truth to that hypersexual therapist fantasy You have been having.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes it is,” she said as she shook her hair out and stood up. she took off her jacket and placed it on the chair at her desk before sitting down again. she crossed her legs and He saw the skirt ease up her thighs a bit, just enough so that He could see the lacey tops of the pantyhose she was wearing. “Now what do You think a hypersexual therapist would do in this situation?”

“I think she would probably unbutton her blouse and take off her skirt,” He said as she followed His tacit instructions. “Then she would probably straddle Me in this chair and unfasten My belt.” she did just that and let her hand reach inside His pants and start stroking His dick. He moaned just a bit as she prepared to slide onto the floor and go after her bottle. He stopped her and started talking again. “I think she would let Me get very aroused and then she would be stunned when I ripped her clothes off and took her on the floor of her office.” He almost wished she hadn’t taken off the skirt as it would have been fun to rip it off of her when she was bent over in front of Him. Instead, He ripped her panties in half and tossed them aside. He kissed her roughly then licked and bit at her neck and breasts. He bit her so hard she could feel the skin break. she only begged Him for more. He fixated on her nipples like normal and felt her pussy grind against His leg. He almost tossed her on the floor He was so ready to be inside her again. she giggled and enjoyed the feel of carpet underneath her.

“And what do You think this hypersexual therapist would do next?”

“she’d moan.”

“Moan? Why moan,” she said, her voice trailing off as she understood why the woman in question would be moaning.

He slid inside her and rested for a bit. He let her adjust to having Him dancing at her entrance before He gave a nice long shove and was grinding against her. “That’s why,” He replied with a smirk. He watched as her eyes rolled back and then closed slowly. her hips rolled up off the carpet with each thrust He gave her. she was liquid and happy and He was wondering why they hadn’t had sex in her office before. The floor was perfect for inflicting carpet burns. “Then she would struggle a bit as she figured out that her career might be on the line if she didn’t keep me a happy customer.” she got the clue and fought Him a bit. He grabbed her wrists and fucked her harder. she moaned louder and He laughed, almost maniacally so, into the air. she came around Him then and He started talking again. “I am also sure that she would know, if she had been properly informed by My wife, that coming without My permission is an explicit no no.” He bit her lip and asked if she understood. she nodded and felt His hand come down to her nipples and start twisting them mercilessly. she screamed out in pain and was silenced when He looked at her and shook His finger no. He let go of her wrist entirely and grabbed her left leg. He crossed it over her right leg and made her look like a little naked pretzel. He shoved Himself all the way back inside her then and began fucking her with the type of vigor that could cause serious injury to both of them. her tits were bouncing wildly and her eyes were glazed over when they were open at all. His hand yanked her hair back and she moaned out again. He leaned down and kissed her then. The assault was easing up and she was thinking He was getting tired. He slid out of her slowly and then whispered in her ear, “then My good hypersexual therapist would climb between My thighs and suck My dick clean.”

she smiled absentmindedly and did what He wanted. she savored the taste of the two of them as she gently cleaned Him up. she was overjoyed when He started stroking her face and then grabbed her hair and started fucking her face. it was the most wonderful sensation. well not as good as Him buried inside her pussy but she relished sucking His dick. He was relishing her enjoyment and didn’t try to hold off when His nut was ready to burst forth. He fucked her face a bit faster and harder before getting perfectly still and letting the floodgates loose. When she was done swallowing everything that He had to offer, she rolled onto her back and let her head rest on His leg. “Is there anything else i can do to help dispel that fantasy for You sir?”

“Yep you can climb onto that sofa, toot that ass up in the air a bit and brace yourself. The honeymoon’s not over till babygirl’s plane lands.” He fucked her on every surface in her office until they were both exhausted and likely to be limping the next day. Neither one of them had witty comments then. They dressed just enough not to be arrested on the drive home and then walked together to the door holding on for dear life. “I love you baby.”

“I love You too Daddy,” she said while He closed the front door and led her upstairs to sleep.

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