The Honeymoon Part VI

she woke up to Him putting away the toys. He’d cleaned everything and was putting them back in their various places in the toy bag. He heard her stretch and moan a bit and stopped what He was doing. He sat on the bed next to her and palmed her face. “How is my little girl doing this morning?”

“i’m fine Daddy. what are You doing?”

“Tucking away all the things we don’t need today. Might as well do them now so we don’t have to rush in the morning. Hop in the shower and then make us something to eat. I should be done by then,” He said chuckling looking around at all the stuff they had been playing with over the last few days. she enjoyed her shower and hummed to her self as she moved around the kitchen cooking for the two of them. she was setting the table as He walked into the kitchen. she fixed His plate and then sat down to eat with Him. she was enjoying a few grapes and watching her lips curl around them suddenly made the meal less interesting for Him. “baby, let’s go back to bed now.”

“what? i thought we were going out to do some more sightseeing. Isn’t that what You said yesterday?”

“Yep but Daddy has changed His mind. Quit asking so many questions before I tie You up again.” she smirked at Him then. “What’s that for?”

“You put away all the rope Daddy but i will rush on to the bedroom because i’d hate to see Your mood if You have to go get it.” she slid past Him and slightly out of His reach. unfortunately for her since He was so much taller than she was He caught her quickly and spun her around in His arms before they fell on the bed laughing. “Now You know i love spending all day in bed with You but shouldn’t we take at least a few pictures so everyone doesn’t correctly assume we spent all day every day in bed with one another?”

He thought about that for a second and said she was right. He grabbed a few outfits for both of them from their suitcases and ran outside to the beach, the main house, and various sites around the resort. They changed and repeated the procedure a few more times. By the time they filled up the memory card on the digital camera, they were hot and sweaty. she was desperate for a shower but looking at Him nice and glistening made her forget about that entirely. she coaxed Him back into the bedroom easily. she pushed Him down on the beds and climbed on top of Him briefly. she licked His cheek and purred in His ear. His hands snaked around her bottom and started massaging it. she sucked His chin a bit and then licked straight down to His neck. His hands slipped away a bit and He exhaled loudly as she bit into His neck forcefully. Once the shock of the moment had passed, He regained His senses briefly. His arm trailed up her back until it was entangled in her hair. He snatched her head back so that she was sitting upright over His waist. He sat up with her and returned the favor. He was biting into her neck and she was turning into putty in His hands. Just when He thought He had the upper hand again, she started undressing Him while taking off her own clothes.

“Forgive me Daddy. You just look and taste a little too yummy for me to stop just yet.”

He laughed at her then and just settled into the bed once His top was off. she moved quickly taking off all of their clothes and leaving it in a pile with the other outfits they had made quick changes in and out of earlier. she took her time to massage Him on her way back to her perch on top of Him. she licked wherever she felt and watched Him try to squirm away from her for a change. she loved it even though she knew He’d get control of her eventually. she slipped Him inside of her carefully, relishing the feel of Him the more she slid down until their bodies met. He sighed and shifted His weight so that at any point in time He could slam into her at will. she shuddered a bit and then leaned back over to suck and lick on His neck. her hands encircled His neck and His curled around the small of her back. They moved together slowly, her muscles contracting around Him and Him pulsating deep inside of her. He shook her mouth free of His neck and started kissing her. As the kiss intensified so did their movements. Never so forceful as to break the kiss but their movements became more urgent and needy. He felt the twitch of her pussy begin to shake her orgasm loose. she broke the kiss and sat up. He went up with her and feated on her nipples. her hands fell at her sides and she came in a rush. she started laughing a bit as her mind was again flooded in happy sensations. He seized the moment to flip her over onto the bed. He slid out of her and between her thighs while she was trying to recover from her orgasm. her eyes snapped open when she felt His fingers and tongue spread her open and dive in. His tongue was forceful and covered the length of her slit with each stroke. her toes curled and she tried to push Him away with the soles of her feet. He stopped His exploration long enough to force her legs together and then straight up in the air. He buried His face in her pussy again after daring her to move. she writhed on the bed and started begging for her bottle. He paused only long enough to crawl over her and let her suckle Him into her throat. He pushed her legs down and apart and resumed His licking. Their oral explorations were as slow and intense as their fucking had just been. she licked a nut out of Him first even though her second orgasm followed His quickly.

They lay next to one another laughing for a good long while as fingers and tongues journey to cover nearby flesh. They finally got up an took that delayed bath. she lit candles while He made sure there would be food to eat when they were done. The water was warm and smelled very sweet. He had dumped in a few rose petals when she wasn’t looking and periodically they stuck to their skin. He washed her off gently shortly after she did the same thing to Him. They heard a knock but were too preoccupied to get out of the tub then. He called out to leave the food on the kitchen table and enjoyed the feeling of her licking and kissing on Him again. she was atop of Him again and was riding Him with just enough speed to cause ripples in the water. she hadn’t been this amorous of her own volition in quite a while. she fucked Him at a nice even rhythm until they were starting to knock more water out of the tub than they liked. He carried her into their bedroom and sank into the bed with her. she resumed her position above Him until her thighs started quivering. He let her slide off of Him and leaned over to kiss her again. The kiss demanded their bodies comply with the urge in it. He was back inside her before long and her legs got entangled in His. her fingers trailed over His chest and felt His chest as His breathing got more intense. her hands roamed up around His neck and pulled Him down to her. she was kissing Him as her body exploded again. goosebumps were forming on her arms as she floated off on yet another wave of pleasure. He broke the kiss long enough to tell her that He loved her and then felt her lips yield to His again. His dick plowed into her again then. He was intent on setting her over the edge one more time and began to increase His speed. her hips rose off the bed to meet Him repeatedly as the thrusts started hitting the spot in her that made her clamp down on His dick.

Another five minutes passed at most before He joined her in an elongated orgasm. He fell onto the bed next to her and heard her giggling. He just gave her a kiss and pulled her close to Him. They never made it out of bed again that night. They woke up with a start and took a shower before hurriedly getting dressed. He made sure all the bags were packed while she made sure all the drawers were empty and their belongings had been collected. They made it to the airport and were shocked that they got through security so easily. When the gate attendent found out they were on their honeymoon she offered to bump them to First Class. He said no but if they wouldn’t mind clearing out the rows around them that would be great. She just moved them to the very last row and bumped a few other passengers up a few rows. Once most of their companions were safely sleeping, He pulled her into the bathroom while they checked off the last must do item on the honeymoon to do list. They emerged a while later to the smile of a flight attendent who had been looking for them. They returned her smile and sat down whispering to one another. “Daddy we can send off that application as soon as we run by my office,” she said as she snuggled into His shoulder and quickly fell asleep. He stroked her shoulder but had to wonder to Himself why they were going to her office.

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