randomness i promise

okay first i apologize to those that may have tried to access the blog through old links in sugasm. when i moved the server over–the old posts remained linked for a while so i left them alone. however, i think my old page has finally been destroyed so i have updated the links to reflect that. all the smut is now housed on the ropeburn domain name. if you got here and used to link to the blogspot page i’d love it if you would update to this address.

umm secondly i’m amazed to find my blog referenced as a spot to check out. when roaming through my sitemeter visitor list i stumbled on a blogger that had been listed on fleshbot. i went clicking aroud and was shocked to see the blog mentioned here with the Missing Him post–one of my favorites. i also found myself mentioned on bdsmweblobs here a few weeks back. so what is the point of all this? while i know i have some loyal readers, it never occurs to me that folks outside of that group really read me enough to like what’s posted. yes i’m kinky, yes i’m an oddity in bdsm culture to a degree, yes i’m totally in love with my Dom but really i think i’m boring sometimes–especially when no one says anything about what they are reading lol. beyond that, i was clicking around fleshbot to see if there was anything else of interest and found this writing contest. i don’t know if either of my submissions will make it in as both are probably well over the word count but they are the two that Roaming Soldier and i like the best. if i make it in i’ll be sure to let you all know so that you can PLEASE vote for me lol.

other than that, nothing much is going on. life is good, i’m happy as a clam. tired as a dog but happy as a clam. oh and i have to say that ms. green hornet has made me smile so much this week. she’s been cracking me up with her chastity laments (oh do i feel her pain lol but at least i can kill kittens) and made me feel ever so honored when she sent me a present, a bracelet/anklet that she had served in. of course i like the tingling noise and it made me think of that morning wake up in one of the honeymoon stories but i know what it meant to her and i respect the gift more than i could possibly say. Night Owl and i are actually getting to sleep somewhat on time for a change. we still talk much later than we probably should more often than not but it’s necessary. we make fun of each other for being “mushy”, for talking about our partner named stuffed animals (mwuah big kiss to Daddy Bear), and otherwise crack jokes when the mood strikes. while i would much rather have Him home, Roaming Soldier is doing well and enjoys the randomness that is my brain as well as those boxes of chocolate i ship Him and His unit. and Littlest Soldier has told RS that she likes me and i swear between that, my girls and my gift and her Dad are the best things that have happened in a while. all is good around this way.

y’all be good

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