missing Him

so as we all know i have been missing men important to my life. one that tormented me in all the good ways for the first twenty-five years of my life and the other that i plan on having around at least that much of the rest of my life (yes i know full of the sap and gagging motions now). as i was making dinner tonight this came to me and i figured i would run with it in honor of national masturbation month lol. for those that need such ratings this will likely dangle around a seven so if you cannot process that stop reading right now. just go to the post below it and take ya some quizzes lol.

she was tired. no tired wasn’t it exactly. she was lonely. she was missing Him and she was horny. never a good combination in reality but it was what it was. she would much rather feel Him on top of her, controlling her and carefully mixing all things pleasurable with those painful things. but she was alone in the house. it wasn’t at all what she wanted. thankfully she had a vivid imagination and a nice present from Him that He had left for just such situations. she was in the outfit that He had picked out for her that morning: a white short sleeved button down shirt that was hugging her breasts, a knee length red plaid skirt with perfect pleats, white lace anklets and black mary janes. she could have been one of the girls on their way to private school but when they had the weekend alone He liked her dressed as His big little girl. it was the weekend before Spring Break officially started and the kids had gleefully agreed to visit their cousins for the week.

He had an emergency meeting that He was going to rush back from but it would be doubtful that He would be home before Monday morning. a long lonely two days loomed ahead and the urge wasn’t slacking so she headed up to their bedroom. she took off her panties and walked into the closet where the toys were under lock in the chest. she reached down into the pile of rarely used items and brought out the present He left her six months ago when He was leaving the week after her monthly intruder or best known as the week she’d be in heat. He made her promise not to open it until He was gone and then she literally squealed when she saw it. He had found one of those kits she giggled about with Him in bed the first year they were together. it let you cast your favorite dick into a lifelike and very usuable dildo to use whenever you wanted. she had no idea when He had done it but she was tickled that He had. the first night she was able to use it, a few nights after He had left, she nearly blinded herself with the orgasm it induced. it was surreal feeling the artificial Him inside her but as He fit inside her perfectly she was never more grateful for a piece of latex in her life.

she took Him to the bed and sat down. she imagined Him sitting on the opposite side of the room in a chair by the door. His arm was folded and sitting on the desk and His chin was resting in His palm. His other hand was unzipping His pants and taking out His dick so that He could stroke it. she drug her thumb along her bottom lip catching the moisture that always builds up when she saw His dick. even in her fantasy she wanted to crawl over to Him and suck it but since He wasn’t there she let the daydream continue. He told her to play with herself the same way she would if He wasn’t there. to abandon all rational thought of her surroundings and let go. she massaged her breasts through the shirt until her nipples were charged from the friction. she unbuttoned the top quickly and threw the shirt on the floor. kneading her breasts was working very well but more than that the image of Him tugging on the dick that brought her so much pleasure was making her flush. she heard Him tell her to play with her pussy now she knew she wanted that. He was right she did and she liked to make Him happy even if He wasn’t really there. she drug the dildo across her slit slowly. she let the head dip in and out of her wetness a few times before taking it out and sucking it clean. she repeated that a few times and the sunk back into the bed. she raised her legs so that her knees were pointing towards the ceiling and her shoes were on the edge of the bed. she toyed with it’s length for a while, inserting and withdrawing the dildo until she heard His voice gruffly say now. she shoved it in deeply and let it rest.

her eyes had shut long ago and she was engrossed in her thoughts so that she hadn’t really heard the door open and close as He came in the house. He thought she was sleeping since the lights were off and dinner was put away. He came up quietly only to see her wet and teasing herself with Him. He was sure that she hadn’t processed that He was in the room when she shoved the dildo inside of her and began fucking herself. He stood as still as He could while He unzipped Himself and watched her raise her ass off the bed and impale herself on Him. she was extra wet and the nice juicy noises she made when highly aroused were filling the room. she dropped her legs and the base of the dildo hit the edge of the bed. she was grinding down on it and moaning softly. He walked over to her and shoved her legs apart. He grabbed the replica and nearly removed it all the way before jamming it back inside of her. her eyes swung open in shock but then a smile crept over her face for a different reason.

“does Daddy want to fuck me?”

“Not yet. Daddy wants to see you cum on Him and then I will give you another present.”

she nodded and relaxed as the assault on her pussy picked up speed. it wasn’t long before her legs started trembling and her mouth went slack from the pleasure He was giving her with Himself. He didn’t give her a chance to ask if she could cum and shoved her over the edge. when she was done He removed the dildo and put it on the towel she kept for the toys so it could be cleaned before it was stored. then He sat in the chair she had imagined Him in earlier. He assumed the same posture and his hand wrapped around His dick making her doubt if He hadn’t been watching her the whole time. this time He didn’t stop her when she crawled over to Him. He fucked her mouth slowly and then sat her in His lap facing Him. she began riding Him with abandon and soon lost her balance. He would normally catch her but His mind was lost in the sensation her grabbing at His dick with her pussy. she fell back enough to brace herself with her arms but it jerked her legs into an awkward position. He grabbed them and pulled them together and placed them on His shoulder. He rocked up into her gently at first but as they both neared orgasm He became a little more manic and ended up standing up with her legs pressed to His chest and her struggling for balance on her hands. He fucked her rapidly and seemed intent on breaking any last resistance her body had to Him. He continued on that way for nearly ten more minutes before He gripped her legs tightly and unleashed a torrent of nut inside her. He carefully lowered her to the ground and told her to get in bed. she immediately fell asleep and awoke to find Him still lodged in her pussy. she looked around the room and saw no sign of Him. she was prepared to convince herself that it had been some very elaborate wet dream when He appeared in the doorway with the paper. she looked between her thighs and then back at Him.

“Hey everytime I tried to move you wiggled that cute ass of yours until I was lodged deep inside your pussy again. It was either the dildo or miss My morning routine. you know Daddy loves His morning routine.”

she smiled at Him and was glad He was still naked. He climbed behind her in bed, removed the dildo and resumed His place deep inside her and planning their lazy day in bed. He would reappear often as she was driven to repeated orgasms by Him and for His amusement. it was the best horny weekend she’d had in her entire life and neither He nor He seemed all the worse for wear.

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  1. Wow girl – wow.

    Your writing style is getting better and better with each post. Heaven forbid anyone ever gives you a camera and a few actors with no limits… the porn industry wouldn’t know what hit them.


  2. lol shhhh no porn and all previous tapes have been destroyed to protect the guilty, but hey these collected musings may end up in an anthology of short stories one day lol, thanks honey


  3. “We’d all be paid if you wrote the script”

    and you thought i was playing. CS got the same idea I do… I’m telling you… Walk of Fame party in a matter of weeks.

  4. lol the cookie peddling stories would have to be cast very carefully but if i ever get motivated to collect the random smut i’ve written i’m sure that i can find a role for you there

  5. thawtz imma hit you lol, why don’t you show mrs. thawtz and if she agrees with you then as soon as the major project in my life is done i’ll set to collecting everything

  6. Perhaps I don’t reply as often as I should but I like every last thing you post. Keep up the amazing blog and know that I am one of your silent readers.

  7. awww thanks guys, i’ll eventually go through these and collect the kinkier posts in the sidebar, and then maybe around my birthday i can start shopping the collection around

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