so where has the time gone?

who knows with me. i haven’t been terribly busy but i haven’t been unbusy if that makes sense either. lots of writing and lots of missing Roaming Soldier. but thankfully i got a quick email from Him on Monday that let me know He was okay. couldn’t tell me exactly where He was but i’m on His mind and that REALLY is all a good little girl needs right now. i’ve actually being going to sleep on time, well by like one am instead of four (except last night, don’t ask because i have no idea why), and that has left me little time to do anything productive. i have been celebrating the kitten killing but that’s about it. i’m getting sleepy so i’m gonna go now.

2 thoughts on “so where has the time gone?”

  1. ROFLMAO, oh ok see “kitten killing” is a euphemism. long time readers know that means having a little self-exploration especially since it’s national masturbation month.

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