how about a cookie

yep boys and girls it’s another cookie peddling post. for those of you that can’t read them you know what that means. skip it and move on to the other stuff lol. for everyone else, enjoy it and please let me know what you think.

her hair was bouncing around her neck. He was staring at her back and running His hand down to her tattoo. He loved touching her back when she was riding Him. in a second He would push her forward and she would scramble to catch her balance with her arms before she hit the floor. she knew He would do it, He always did, she just never knew when. He grabbed a fist full of her hair and yanked her back to Him. He bit into her neck as His fingers pinched her clit until He felt her pussy spasm around His dick. “Good girl,” He said as He released her neck and clit from His grasp. she shuddered a bit then felt herself falling forward. her hands slammed into the hardwood floor and she winced a bit as she felt a splinter slide into her palm but she didn’t verbally announce her frustration. He smacked her ass and that let her know what was coming next. He grabbed her hips and leaned forward on the sofa. He began slamming up inside her, slowly at first, until they were both sweating and grunting into the air. He was watching her breasts sway back and forth from the force of His thrusting. He pulled her back up and let her grind down on His dick for a while making both of them smile. He bit into her shoulder then told her to kneel on the sofa.

He cuffed her hands behind her back and toyed with her hair a bit. He pulled out the rarely used collar and lead and fastened it to her neck. her brain always sank into an area they both greatly enjoyed when the clasp went on. He had to carefully bring her out of it otherwise the kids would have an adult playmate for a few days. her head dropped a bit and she began smiling. He palmed her face and then helped her stand up. He led her upstairs and was careful to lock the door behind them. The kids shouldn’t be home for hours but the last thing they needed to see was mommy getting spanked by Daddy.

He uncuffed her hands briefly before strapping her into the longer chain cuffs that hooked to an nearly undectable ring in the ceiling. He adjusted it so that she was barley standing on her toes and then left the room for a minute. the collar was still on her neck and her face showed nothing at all but that smile that had been there since He placed it around her neck. He had grabbed the first aid kit from the bathroom and put it next to the toys. He ran His hands over her bottom and smacked it lightly with His hands. He whipped her with His favorite crop. it was one she hated, literally, but all it managed to do today was make her cry out instead of begging Him to stop. The tawse was unleashed next and she started to cry but she showed no signs of weakening under the assault. He picked up a leather stinger and just picked different spots on her breasts, ass and thighs to attack. the skin reacted, got angry and red while she mouthed i love You to Him. He smiled and felt His dick stiffen. He hadn’t nutted earlier and and was feeling a need to right now. He placed the stinger on the bed and walked behind her. He inserted Himself inside her quickly and found a nice even rhythm quickly. her breats were bouncing wildly and begging for Him to suck them but it wasn’t time. He used her, came deeply inside her and kissed her shoulder before He went back for the stinger. her orgasmically stunted body was more responsive to the flick of the leather now. she flinched and moaned as the assault on her flesh continued. when His arms started to get tired He debated leaving her there while He took a nap but He wanted her mouth on His dick as He slept and she had been a good girl so she needed to released around Him before she drifted off with Him. He lowered her arms from the chains and guided her over to the bed by the lead. He placed her on her back and pulled her wobbly legs over her shoulder. He slipped inside her again. her pussy gripped Him tightly and massaged Him with each stroke. her body was hypersensitive to His prodding and everything was making her more pliable and shoving her closer to the edge of orgasm. He noticed her breasts again and had two options at this point. He could press her legs back until He could suck her nipples and bite her tits or He could just wrap her strong legs around His waist and feast on her chest freely.

she felt her legs drop and was momentarily confused before she felt His mouth attach to her nipples. she moaned and waited as His mouth roam all over her breasts until she had created a little puddle underneath them. He heard her breath get ragged and felt her chest heaving from her pleasure. it was enough to make Him start increasing the pace of His stroking. she was bucking her hips of the bed to meet His dick thrusting in and out of her throbbing pussy. “Daddy,” crept across her lips. He knew she was about to beg to cum now but she couldn’t say more than than “Daddy.” “Be a good girl and cum for Daddy now,” He said. she smiled at Him and did as He instructed. the puddle got bigger and wetter and He was beaming as He collapsed on top of her. “You are such a good girl. Daddy loves you.” her breathing had slowed and calmed a bit so she was able to say she loved Him back. they needed to shower before the kids got home but neither really wanted to move. He was checking her headspace from time to time and was sure that she was doing okay. He unfastened the collar and kissed her neck. He nibbled it softly and she smiled. He stood up finally, slowly slipping out of her in the process, and announced He was going downstairs to get something to drink. “Can I bring My little girl anything back up? Some juice perhaps?” she nodded that juice would be good. “Anything else baby?”

“how about a cookie,” she asked as she smiled at Him. He went down and got a few refreshments for both of them. He checked the clock and figured they had another hour before the kids would be back home at least. He took everything upstairs and let her have what she needed before He got what He wanted. He checked her bruises and cleaned ones that needed attention. He stroked her hair a bit and then told her it was time for her bottle and a nap. she grinned and shimmied between His thighs. her lips wrapped around His dick and suckled Him. they both sighed as He stroked her hair and she stroke His dick with her tongue. they were out in a few minutes and slept soundly until the sounds of their children coming home came crashing through the stillness.

He showered first and let her relax a few more minutes. He got dressed and went down to meet the kids. she showered slowly and then put on a pair of sweats before joining the family. she helped Him prepare dinner and they fed the kids. each rugrat was carried to bed in turn as they drifted off to sleep. when they were all alone and and He could toy with her flesh again she asked Him if there was anything she could get Him. He smiled down at her and said, “Sure, how about a cookie?” she giggled, got undressed and waited for her bottle. He quickly fed it to her and enjoyed the sensation as they went back to sleep.

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  1. Somewhere, some parent is screaming and diving fear-stricken towards their kid because the kid just uttered the words “how about a cookie?” at the local nestle shop.

  2. ROFLMAO shuddup if there is a parent fear stricken right now it’s only because their partner whispered that and they have no place to stash the kids

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