all i want for christmas is my two front teeth

okay so we are what six months away from christmas? lol sorry it popped into my head as i was thinking about this post. of course i have long since had my two front teeth and have no plans on losing them anytime soon so i don’t need or want them to be replaced anytime soon. my mind is a bit jumbled but i’m drugged up so the hormones should be under more control now. i still may ramble but i should do it without getting weepy.

the last few months have been very interesting for me. as the time apart keeps stretching into some finite distance for Roaming Soldier and i, i have continually been bombarded with lustful glances, thoughts and wonderings from the men that have come before Him. with one notable exception who has been very respectful in all of this. men who are suddenly in town or headed this way. men who miss me or just happened to have me on the brain all of a sudden. men who i have to admit fired off some more interesting memories stored on the neural pathways in my brain. good memories but nothing that makes me want to wrap my limbs around them and for a few minutes forget there is a Roaming Soldier. however, my brain and heart are finally in sync so i can’t just be with someone. well i mean i can but i’d just be wondering why can’t he spank me right? when is he going to call me little girl? how would i explain this to Roaming Soldier? all i want is Him. i want Him home with me and the little one. i want to look up when the damn sun is creeping into the room and know that He’s both there and waiting for me. i want simple things right now. simple is good.


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