hormonal ramblings

my nipples miss a touch they have never experienced. my lips miss a caress that has never brushed across them. my body nearly aches for a man that has never stepped foot in my home to embrace me, take me, claim me and keep me close to Him indefinitely. every kitten that meets an untimely end is brought to the quick by thoughts of Him. when my pussy swells and and throbs it’s because He has overwhelmed my senses and is begging me to give Him my pleasure to use as He pleases. and well i’m all too happy to oblige. the thrusting, the moans, the panting, the sweat, the tussled hair are all little tributes to the nice man that adores me. in truth they are a pale subsitute for what it is that i desire but they remind me that anything can get me off but only He can make me satisfied. i cum like a rocket all by myself. i don’t cum hard the way i do with a partner. i don’t cum slowly and in a way that would convince the neighbors He might be killing me if they ever overheard me. i don’t cum on command, i don’t cum for Him the way i will soon. i lust for the completion that His touch can give me. i want to feel the calm that only a night alone in the arms of the one you love can bring. besides i want to act goofy with Him and watch His facial expressions change at the number of different ways Daddy can be uttered and mean totally different things. i want to be with Him right now in more ways than i could possibly explain. okay now i’m going to go write Him a letter, kill a kitten, cry a little and burn a candle. i told y’all i was hormonal.


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