lyzel in e flat (he loves me) remix

okay i tend to follow up old posts from time to time. usually the posts that i got attached to the titles. this post is a follow up of sorts of this post. a little over five months ago i was killing kittens, thinking about Emperor and blasting Jill Scott. today i’m thinking of Jill and Lyzel for a different reason entirely. well maybe not a different reason but definitely because of a different person. after a week or so of messenger tag and general inability to sync our schedules i got to talk to Roaming Soldier for a while over my lunch break, shortly before i hope He went to bed. did we talk about anything earth shattering? nope, life and missing each other and Littlest Soldier and our assorted friends. was it the best conversation i’ve had today? oh hell yes. it’s necessary to be able to say hey i miss You and know that you are missed in return. yes my letters clearly express that BUT it’s nice for both of us to have some realtime communication. and we are able to tease each other a little more readily this way. all of this is great but it’s not why lyzel had to be remixed and ressurected. i’m not sure how many of you remember the merry melodies cartoons. i used to love them as a child and now they come on as part of retro blocks or on boomerang. anyway, one of my favorites was about a little owl family who were singers. one kid, always got to be one that is difficult lol, sings the horrible jazz music his father hates and gets kicked out but ultimately ends up winning a little talent contest. it’s the cutest thing and i love the song and i may have mentioned it to Roaming Solider once or twice but was so not expecting THIS from Him today. i literally threw my hand over my mouth in amazement and had to lavish Him with a few of those lovely e-kisses yahoo happily provides me. it would have been sweet of Him to send no matter where He was in the world but considering where He is and what He’s doing RIGHT now this has me floating in almost as nice of a way as subspace. mind you i said almost, there are few things that can touch subspace that also don’t require another human being with you. and since my human being is fast asleep across the globe, i’ll just have to remember lyzel and come back to THIS whenever i want to remember if He loves me or not. of course i don’t doubt that He does but it’s little things like this that make a girl just blush and blush and blush once more for good measure.

okay i’m out,

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