If she could be muse 2 the pharaoh….

Then one day she might be queen
If like Sheba, she then could bring presents and wine
The helix – he might get between them
In other words – intertwine
With the ebony and milk of her thighs
If she could be muse and let him decide
Perhaps she’ll let him decide

If she could be muse 2 the pharaoh
There is nothing, nothing he wouldn’t give her, see? (No)
4 the future of the nation rests in her belly
And if the Proverb of the 31 and verse 10
Becomes the song she sings again and again
She might be queen

If she could be muse 2 the pharaoh
One day she might be queen

okay so i have been momentarily MIA. can’t blame it on anything in particular. it’s not that i haven’t felt like blogging. i have had all intentions on doing so every night and then i get distracted by something. such is my life, hard for me to focus sometimes when it shouldn’t. anyhoo, about the song–it came to me as i was thinking about the day. the day being mother’s day and all. and i have no babies and at the moment i am not in any position to be creating any anytime soon lol. so the mother’s day wishes i’m getting for me and my mother feel odd. she hasn’t been a pain all day so praise whatever deity is making that the case. anyhoo back to the song. can i be she? can i be the woman inspiring Roaming Soldier to want to make me His queen? i’ve been debating that for a while. okay not a long while as He hasn’t been in my life that long BUT for the last few weeks as it has looked like this intial delay in our journey was approaching its end and that we would be able to enjoy one another for a while it has been firing along my cerebral pathways.

it’s that natural worry that subs get about our Dom/mes. am i doing enough? am i doing it correctly? is He/She happy with me? it’s reaffirmation we won’t ask for 90 percent of the time and feel bad for asking the another 9 percent of the time and 1 percent of the time will just be so desperate for that we have no choice but to ask lol. so here i was silently pondering that while missing Him and wondering when exactly it would be that the army would let Him go when out of the blue on Friday i get an im from Him. thankfully i came in early, my immediate appointment cancelled and after twenty minutes of loving banter with co-workers i was left alone to just talk to Him. it was GOOD conversation, the kind of communication the needy side of me ate up. they have been repeatedly delayed out of basic. at this point we aren’t sure if we are going to be able to see one another soon. i was going to fly to Him on Saturday but that would have required them leaving on Friday which didn’t happen. and as of now, we have no word on where they are and when they will be freed lol. i do know that He needs to see His littlest girl first. we may sneak in a day or two before He has to deploy if we’re lucky but the crux of that conversation was a letter was coming. no idea what it would contain but something from my Soldier was headed to me.

so, of course, there was no letter when i got home on Friday . yesterday i really didn’t feel like being bothered but before i took mommy out on her latest “must waste some money on useless things” shopping expedition i ran to the mail. and there was a letter that i couldn’t wait to read but was taking her to best buy to add to her collection so i had to otherwise i would have hurt her. the shopping wasn’t that bad and we came home directly so i got eat a bit and climb in bed all by myself and read what He had to say. it’s interesting to see His point of view on what has transpired but the crux of that was (wow did i just use crux again) i could be muse 2 a pharaoh if i can not out think myself and keep sharing with this man that has become so important to me. and of course sharing a cookie peddling story every now and then won’t hurt. i’m waiting on my Soldier to kidnap me and of course that will just be great. all right enough rambling. i wanna keep smiling and reread my letter.

see ya

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  1. i’m glad that You were able to stop by anonymous and thanks for the compliment that has me smiling yet again. You’re good at this aren’t You?

  2. Very nice to see you in a pleasant mood. As far as how often you blog and whatnot “life happens” (seems to be a quote I am telling people a lot today). But in all honesty, your best works arise when you arn’t forced to find time to write in a blog.

    Stay happy and best wishes

  3. thank You MasterABD, life happens and i will adjust, i have a few things dancing in my brain now so we’ll see if something good comes of this

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