adventures in cookie peddling

eta: i forgot to put in the warning. for those that know both of us you may want to skip this post entirely. this is about a 9 on the brain melting scale and you know that means i enjoyed writing it lol. you have been warned, just go on down to the post after this and wait till you see one push this one down.

she was estatic. the kids were in bed early and appeared to be out for the night. Daddy was finishing up an assignment in the study but He had whispered in her ear over dinner that she needed to be prepared for the weekend. Their best friends were coming to spend the next forty-eight hours with the kids while He whisked her off on a short vacation. she’d only have to wear her gag if He decided to put it on. she could scream and wail and moan as loud as she wanted to and He was demanding she indulged in whatever sensation she experienced with Him over the next few days. she was looking for things to pack when He slid up behind her. she jumped quickly and then relaxed into His chest.

“How is My little girl doing?”

“i’m fine Daddy, i was just looking for what i should pack.”

“Don’t worry about that baby. I packed everything we need in one big suitcase. you just need to hop in bed and we’ll shower in the morning before they get here.”

“are You sure Daddy,” she asked as she enjoyed His hands caressing her neck.

“Yes baby, now get in bed.” He watched her ass sway over to the bed and climb in on His side. she had done that as long as He had known her. she’d sleep on her side but only after she climbed over His. she was wearing one of His old dress shirts, unbuttoned to her belly button and giving Him easy access to her breasts. she raised up slightly off the bed and let His arm slide beneath her. His other strong arm pulled her close to Him and snaked under the shirt to massage her clit. she moaned gently and pushed her ass into Him. her legs spread and one draped over His thighs. His fingers left her clit and guided the head of His dick to her wet pussy. she immediately clamped down on His dick and stroked it deeper inside her. He knew she wanted to scream, wanted to shudder and shake the walls with her pleasure. instead she pushed her head back into His chest and her mouth was open in a silent scream. He whispered into her ear, “you know I like to fuck you like I used to. Make you a little whimpering slut for Daddy. And I will tomorrow and the day after. you will cum for Daddy more than you ever have before now. And each night you will gobble My dick like it’s the best thing on earth, won’t you baby?”

“yes Daddy.”

“Good girl,” He said as He shoved Himself inside her to the hilt. He felt the first trickle of what would become a flood if He let it. He bit her neck and when her body bowed away from Him, He pinned her waist with His arm. He fucked her roughly just like that. He gave no regard to the amount of noise she wanted to make then. His mouth never left her neck and she had begun tugging her own nipples trying to bring a little bit of pain to stave off the rush of pleasure invading her brain. she was close to cumming but she wouldn’t ask until she knew He had cum first. The thrusting took on a stutter step feel and He exploded inside of her. she was slightly disappointed that He hadn’t cum in her mouth but she relished the feel of His cum in her pussy. He stopped biting her and kissed her neck before telling her to cum. she eagerly obliged and the contractions rippling through her made Him sigh. “Good girl.”

They fell asleep just like that. the alarm went off early and the house was in a blur. the kids were happy and sad all at once. It would be the first vacation they had alone since the wedding. The replacement parental units arrived, gave hugs to Daddy and His little girl before the kids mobbed them and the happy couple were able to depart. she had no idea where they were going and wasn’t all that concerned. she knew the plane was stopping in Dallas but beyond that was sure it didn’t matter where they ended up. she would spend as much time as she could muster on her knees serving Him. When they touched down in Minneapolis she was quite confused. It was a lovely city but when she thought of vacation it didn’t spring to mind. That’s when He told her about the surprise. she had told Him many years before that she got a little heated after a Prince concert. They hadn’t been able to attend one since then between work and the kids and this weekend Prince was doing a a few shows back at Paisley Park. His best friend let Him know the tickets were going on sale and after a bit of negotiating to keep her away from the bills and assorted mail related to the purchase, He had arranged everything. she was literally crying as they checked into the hotel room and mauled Him as soon as they were alone. she kissed Him and thanked Him and started sucking His neck before He stopped her because He knew otherwise they’d miss the show.

He waited for her to shower and laid out a simple outfit for her. she blushed when she came out and saw how attentive He was being to every detail. He even brought her cute heels that didn’t hurt her toes after dancing for hours on end. He drove into the secluded parking lot she saw the last time she had been at Paisley Park and was thankful they didn’t have to trek back after the show. They went to their seats and were thoroughly impressed with the entire thing. halfway through the second set He smelled her scent and was wondering what was in store later. she smiled at Him knowing what He was thinking but being too enthralled to do more than just kiss Him. she was nearly floating when they got back to the car then He handed her a small note—very purple and smelling of patchouli. somehow or other He had rangled an autograph from Prince for her to a woman who appreciates good music and respects her place with her man, all the best Prince. if she could have molested Him in the rental she would have. Instead she kissed Him and then went after her bottle. The twenty minutes back to the hotel seemed to take forever and they rushed through the lobby and fumbled with the lock until they were inside the room. Clothes were flung everywhere they could be and she looked wanton as she murmored, “Daddy may i fuck You?”

He smiled and nodded yes. she pushed Him back on the bed and starting at His feet licked and sucked her way up His thighs until she reached her bottle. It was already stiff and semi slick from her attention in the car. she flattened her tongue and licked the length of Him. she trailed underneath taking time to memorize the veins before swirling her tongue around the sides and top. He stroked her cheek and she opened her eyes to look at Him. her cheeks were caving in and the pressure around the head of His dick was causing His own eyes to close so He could enjoy the feeling. The pressure slackened and then was removed. she squeezed His thighs before she crawled over His dick and used her right hand to guide His dick to her pussy. she sank down quickly and they both panted loudly for a moment. she rode Him slowly at first. she rocked on Him and got so wet that He was sure she’d cum at any moment. she found a nice rhythm and leaned over to kiss and lick and suck whatever she could reach. He responded to each contact with her mouth by saying “Yes baby or Daddy likes that.” Each comment made her pussy jump and stroke His dick even more.

she started moving faster and faster. He knew she wanted to cum and He wasn’t going to make her beg. He wrapped His hands around her waist and began slamming her down onto Him. her eyes clamped shut and her left arm quickly shot up her body and bent slightly as started playing with the nape of her neck and her hair. she was sucking her fingers on her right hand and she started mewling like a wounded cat. He pulled her fingers out of her mouth. “I told you that you were going to scream this weekend. There is no whimpering this weekend unless it’s done by Daddy. Now when you are ready to cum, cum but do so and let Daddy know you’re having fun.” she nodded at Him quickly and started a low growl that quickly turned into “yes Daddy, i love You so much, oh my God You feel so good Daddy, please fuck me Daddy, please cum with my Daddy, oh i’m so close, thank You Daddy, thank You,” as her orgasm picked up steam and her rational brain shut down. When a long string of “ohs” started coming from her mouth He pulled her to Him and locked her in place. she often said it felt like He was expanding inside her this way when He was this still. she could feel every pulse and twitch of His dick and the next throb made her explode. she trembled and then collapsed on His chest.

“Good girl, baby. Daddy wants you to do that all weekend.” He was still rock hard and she noticed. she started sliding up and down His chest dragging her nipples over His body and lowering her pussy back down on His dick. He sighed softly and then rolled them both over. His imperative became impale baby and make her scream. He did that for the next hour before they paused and took a bubble bath together. It was a bad idea and they ended up fucking and soapy on the bathroom floor. save the few times they opened the door to room service they were always connected by His dick. He watched her put on the cookie peddling outfit for a change. she took great care to make sure everything was as He liked it but they both knew this outfit would probably be ruined. He ripped off her panties and bent her over a desk chair. His right leg went into the seat of the chair and put His dick into some wonderfully intense spot in her pussy. she was moaning and grunting and calling on God to save her from the blackout that all these orgasms were going to bring on. He laughed and picked up the speed. she met every thrust with one back towards Him. He pulled out and slapped her on the ass. she pulled up the skirt and was rewarded with a nice warm load of His nut on her tattoo. He was fascinated when she started rubbing it into her skin and just smiled down at her. “Umm Daddy needs to take you away more often. He likes it when you are a nasty little girl.”

she smiled at Him over her shoulder and told Him she had a surprise if He would play along. she had Him lay in bed and left His robe on the edge of it. she grabbed a room key and then got some juice for them for later. instead of using her key she knocked on the door. He quickly grabbed the robe and walked to the door. When He saw here there bending over with her pussy glistening at Him, His dick stirred again. When she picked up the sodas and turned around, His mouth dropped. The form fitting top was hanging on for dear life as her tits sat out waiting for His lips.

“a little birdie told me that i might be able to earn my merit badge in immediate sexual gratification here.” He stared at her tits a while longer and nodded. she walked in the room and felt His hands taking the drinks from her. “It will be a rigorous challenge I just want you to know that baby.” she nodded of course and then followed Him over to the chair. she sat on His dick facing away from Him and bucked like a bronco until she coaxed another few nuts out of Him and they were both in danger of alerting the police with their screaming. Watching her skirt and sash get all bundled up caused the one event to happen that put them both back to bed. He stood her up, let her bend over at the waist and grab anything in sight to balance herself. He fucked her this way for another twenty minutes before her legs started shaking and her pussy was convulsing around His dick. she felt a familiar tremor in His dick and she pulled herself off of Him to catch His nut in her mouth. she milked it into her lips with her right hand. He moaned as the first spurt hit the back of her throat and He roared both from the shock and the feeling. He climbed back into bed and was pulling her into it with Him when someone knocked on the door. Hotel security wanted to make sure He was okay and they both giggled. They walked in and saw His very naked form laying in the bed smiling and they quickly walked out. she sprinted back to bed and climbed in it with Him. He kissed her face and neck and lips as she returned the favor until they both fell asleep.

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