all good girls should be in bed, no really

i almost nodded off then i heard from Roaming Soldier and i was wide awake. i almost nodded off again and now nothing. i’m not wide awake but i’m not sure if i put head to pillow i’d fall asleep right now. i had a lovely dream last night, don’t remember a stitch of it but i woke up happy and smiling and i know that He was there with me. we got to talk for a nice bit this afternoon too. have i mentioned that i am absolte madly in lust with Him lately? well in case i haven’t, i am so there lol. i’m sure most of you knew that already. i always seem to the one slow on the uptake.

i did a bang up job on the assignment lol and as a chronic overachiever i added the story below to his email. not sure when He got to the rest of the attachments but He loved the story. i think i’m just providing Roaming Soldier with a checklist of things to do to me at some later date. even though i still have to harass Him as i have yet to hear what invaded RS’s dreams the last few nights that made me the focus. He makes me smile so much. okay i’m finally starting to yawn. let me say night.

love ya

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