move on over keebler elves

this is the fourth cookie peddling story BUT the third post here. the second is still under wraps. on the melt your brain scale it’s a seven for those to which that scale is important. read on if ya wanna.

she was tired. At His suggestion, she had begun trailing their oldest daughter to girl scouts. it was something else they could do together and she might find something else she could excel at. He was always concerned with making her smile and making sure she knew she was talented. Well even more talented than she was consciously aware of most of the time. Their daughter left to spend the night with friends and the little ones had been out for hours. her head was in His lap and He was idly playing in her hair. her breathing deepened as it always did when His hands touched her. And the other thing that normally happened when His skin made contact with her flesh occured as well. she began to fidget a bit as her bra and top started to feel tighter and her pussy began to stir. she felt slightly self-conscious as He had found a nice form fitting troop leader top for her and a skirt that was hugging her ass but was brushing the middle of her thighs. Since they were alone she could skip with the formalities of their name and address Him the way they both preferred.

“Daddy may i ask You a question?”

“yes baby you may.”

“can i have Daddy’s permission to ride His dick tonight?” she felt His thigh twitch slightly. she was sure she caught Him off guard but He was never one to stay that way long.

“Yes you may baby but you know what I want from you first.” she sat up and began arranging the room. she turned on HIs favorite cd and lit candles around the room. she bounced up the stairs and checked on the children and kissed each on the forehead before she went back down the steps. her hand was on the button of her shirt so that she could start undressing for him. “No baby stop that come here.” she crossed over the living room to Him and knelt in front of Him. “Get your bottle darling.”

she loved when He said that. It normally meant she could suck Him as long as her throat would accomodate Him. she unzipped Hispants and adjusted His underwear so that His dick was free and wouldn’t be injured if she got excited. she slowly wrapped her lips around her bottle and sighed drawing Him deeper into her throat. His hands were playing in her hair which she loved but something felt different. He was pulling her hair into ponytails while she sucked Him. When He was done, His hand slid down her back and sank underneath her skirt. He toyed with her tattoo and felt her tongue respond to His touch. He removed His hand and then flipped her skirt up. A nice burgandy pair of panties covered her bottom but what He wanted access to was underneath them. He told her to stop and stand up. she did so slightly begrudgingly and put her thumb in her mouth to attemp to stop her mouth from reaffixing to His dick.

it was the look He had been unconsciously waiting for and felt His dick jump. He yanked off her panties as she stood there looking surprised. He pulled her into His lap so fast that she didn’t have time to get comfortable. her knees were straddling His waist as His dick slipped inside of her. she began bouncing eagerly, grateful to be full after the long day. He unbuttoned her top completely and then forced her breasts over the edges of her bra. He bit her tits and sucked her nipples as he watched her ponytails flail around helplessly and her thumb absentmindedly brushed her bottom lip. He groaned around her nipple and picked her up quickly. He lay her across the oversized wooden table in front of the sofa and she instictively wrapped her legs around His waist. she bucked up into Him as He drilled deeper into her. They were both soon panting and making noises that resembled grunting. she begged Him to let her cum and He kept refusing. she coudln’t figure out why but it dawned on her that she hadn’t said Daddy. As that thought hit her though, so did another intense wave of pleasure. she stuck her thumb in her mouth to stop herself from screaming and waking up the kids. she mumbled around her thumb, “Daddy please let me cum.”

“Yes baby you may cum now.” He pistoned into her harder than she could remember recently. she let her body shake itself loose of the orgasm He had been restricting. He kissed her neck as her fingers trailed down His head and back.

“Daddy, not that i am complaining in the least but what brought that on?”

“Ever since you got home I wanted to fuck you in that outfit. But I knew you were tired and didn’t want to force you into anything. Watching you come down the stairs after ‘Daddy can i fuck you’ was more than i could let pass.”

“ahh so Daddy likes it when i look all innocent?”

“Of course baby,” He replied as He sat back on the couch and pulled her back into His lap. her head reclined back to its original position and He tugged the scrunchies out of her hair. He brushed it back together with her fingers and she sighed again.

“i guess i should keep this outfit clean huh Daddy.”

“Not to worry, you have eight more upstairs in the closet.”

she giggled then and drifted off to sleep moments after He reinserted her bottle. He sighed and marvled that her mouth never went lax when He was between her lips. He let her periodically tug at Him for about ten minutes before He wanted her in bed. He swatted her on the bottom and she stood up. He blew out the candles and turned off the music before guiding her to their room in the darkness. They both climbed into bed fully dressed but disheveled. she snuggled into His chest and was happy to feel His hands wrap around the small of her back. He was happy their family was safe and that she loved Him so intensely. The outfit would get put to good use soon enough they were both sure of that.

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