lunchtime quickie

before i begin—Night Owl and Sidra this is about a 1.5 on the run and hide because i don’t want to know this scale. scale will be used in the future for all similar posts lol and the scale goes up to 10.

i’m sure some of you will be looking at the time this was posted and think what is she talking about with this title as it is clearly not lunchtime. but then again maybe i’m the one thinking too hard. i can do that sometimes. today was not one of those days technically. i came in early (read on time but half of us never do that because we are not morning people) for a meeting so we can hire someone new and immediately after that i had two clients. i wasn’t bored but i wasn’t exactly on top of my game either. my body started reacting to something. at the time it wasn’t registering what that was but looking back it was raining, my brain was quiet, i could hear Roaming Soldier in my brain telling me that Daddy loved His big little girl and the contractions were happening all on their own. i tried to stop them as i didn’t want to kill any kittens in the office but i was quickly overtaken by them. then RS was with me. not literally or else this would not be getting typed but he was talking to me and kissing me and with a well timed phrase pushed me over the edge. my fingers never journeyed below my waist but a kitten was dead all the same. that hasn’t happened since high school when my would be dom used to force me to cum on command–it was fine unless it was one that had been buildng and i felt like i was ready to pass out. regardless i was floaty and happy immediately after our conversation and have been smiling most of the time since. i’ll let you know if the charge is as intense after he rubs his hands over my neck. okay bye for now.

love ya

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