daydreams of an enamored woman

i am a little tired but i think that’s because that dreaded time in every woman’s month is upon me. i’ll happily let it come and go now because 1) i hate it and 2) well damn i hate it. as soon as this is done i’m going to go finish sorting clothes and start washing them. this is the part about being domestic that i detest. i can cook, i can bake, i can wait on guests hand and foot, i can wash dishes later and in rare moments i can vacuum and dust. thankfully my forever cleaning mother lives with me now and likes to do those last things. so in a second i’m gonna find the overpriced drugs the doctor was nice enough to give me and go back to the sorting process.

there has been some unexpected occurences with RS, all very good so don’t worry about that, over the last twenty-four hours. it’s what made me ponder life and love and all that is cute and wonderful in the world. umm either that or the nice rush of hormonality that comes along with the evil monstrous unholy pain. yes i said it and i mean it. men should know the truth lol. we aren’t just snippy because we want to be, damn it we hurt and save giving us a morphine drip nah there’s not a lot you can do to make that better. even if you could we’d probably just want you to have the cramps for us. ahh that’s not true lol, some of you are such big babies when you are in pain it would just end up being more work for us in the end lol. ahh well i was going somewhere before i got distracted hmm…..oh yeah, unexpected developments with Roaming Soldier and my idle thoughts.

in the last post i started thinking about babies and step-mommyhood. last night and today i dreamt and thought about both of those things again. i was a few years older than the littlest soldier when my parents split up. old enough to recall the loss and upset that was caused the divorce. LS on the other hand was very little when her mother died and it’s really just been her and RS probably as long as she can remember. where do i fit in there? i mean i know how RS and i would like me to fit. and if it was just the two of us, and i wasn’t as obviously interested in him as i am, i wouldn’t be nearly as concerned about this as i am. i like her daddy a LOT and i want to make him very happy. i am just worried about disrupting her life and the bond they have. sharing daddy is never fun when you haven’t had to do that before. ok so that worry isn’t exactly new lol, i’ve mentioned it at least once before. the other thoughts were basically my brain fighting with my emotions and trying think myself out of caring about RS. that’s just silly (and it didn’t work) because i do care about him and have found myself being incredibly girly as of late. i spent part of the day on thursday scribbling red Soldier over and over again to see if i liked signing it. yeah i haven’t done that in forever lol and it felt silly while i was doing it but i kept doing it till i found the right slant and what not. this led me to thinking about what that really meant. was i, self-proclaimed woman who had no intention on ever getting married to anyone at any point in time, really considering marrying a man with a small child? honestly yes i was and am. beyond being perfectly Dom’ly and kinky as all get out, Roaming Soldier is a very wonderful man that i keep seeing myself lying next to and taking care of in the between those perfectly Dom’ly and kinky scenes. i am enjoying this very much. if it keeps going the way it has been i may have something to tell you all soon. for now know that red is preparing to be a good sub to Roaming Soldier and a good friend to the littlest soldier.

i’ll end the post with the meme currently sweeping the nation lol. see ya


No matter how random, revealing, rude, naughty or pointless. I will do my best to answer within reason… but no, I won’t give you my address, my name, my phone number or other facts that might lead to stalkers, crazed ex-lovers (and i have more than my share), or such on my doorstep.

6 thoughts on “daydreams of an enamored woman”

  1. 1.First time you have a real orgasm.
    2.Your favorite position.
    3.Favorite comfort food.
    4.Kinkest thing you’ve ever tried.
    5.kinkest thing you tried and Liked.
    6.favorite color

  2. 1. shortly after puberty set in, i figured out how to kill kittens early and boy that was fun
    2. doggie or a modified cowgirl–it’s weird lol
    3. pot roast but as i’m too lazy to make it, i usually get a cookie now
    4. wow, reaching back through the annals there, can’t reveal the top ten to protect the innocent lol–number 11 would probably be a bit of fire play, a quick flash and burn session
    5. heavy bondage, it’s very calming
    6. lol while red is a close second my favorite color is purple which could just be called a very deep red i guess lol

  3. Dammit – mija took my questions!


    1. How long have you been practising bdsm?
    2. What is the kinkiest challenge you’re ever faced as a sub?
    3. What is the most emotional challenge you’ve ever faced?
    4. What is your most embarrassing moment?
    5. Have you ever loved someone you could never be with, or even touch?
    6. Have you ever thought about whether you’ll still be living a submissive life when you’re retired?


  4. Ok Red…dont have no questions just a comment. I would not worry to much about things between you and the daughter. Yes there will be an adjustment period and probably a little jealousy, but most kids that are well adjusted and who have had a good relationship with their parent tend to get over this pretty quickly.

  5. 1. Actively practicing with the understanding of what i was doing for about a year, without true understanding of that for the last ten or so, those sub leanings are hard to stifle.
    2. Domme’ing my former Dom, had to take my brain to a different space for sure.
    3. Waiting to be released
    4. Can’t think of anything BDSM related for that one, i was in a pajama contest in undergrad—the horror of that night lol, not me but some of the other “pjs”
    5. Yep, don’t recommend it at all, it’s emotionally very taxing and a bit unfulfilling in the long run
    6. Honestly hadn’t thought of it in terms of when i retired as that is ohhh at least 35 years off lol but i do expect to be someone that is submissive. i guess whether or not i’ll be living it would depend on if there was a Dom in my life at the time. if there was for certain, if not who knows–not sure who goes out looking for 65 year old subs.

  6. thanks Deb, things will probably be fine, i just let myself worry sometimes about things i shouldn’t, i’m sure things will be okay after a moment lol.

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