and on the 8th day

okay so it’s 8th day of the month and i couldn’t come up with a better title lol. i have been doing nothing all day. well that’s not entirely true. i battled with the kittens for a while and they struggled mightily but thoughts of Roaming Soldier won out in the end.

speaking of Roaming Soldier, we got to talk a minute before he lay down for a nap. we are both very happy with how things are proceeding between us. i’m sure we’d be happier if there was no military involvement and we were moments away from being snuggled up as opposed to being hours away from being able to speak to each other briefly. the littlest soldier is ill so of course her Daddy is a little worried about her. makes me too of course but i still am refraining from trying to insinuating myself in her life to add to the disturbance she’s alreay experiencing as a result of the move and Roaming Soldier’s abscence. this is all a random jumble so bear with me.

i have been joking for years that i would be a great step-mother because i didn’t want to have any kids of my own. i mean i don’t always want to have any rugrats but the thought of a full house, the littlest soldier and RS makes me very cheesy grinny happy. now if i could skip the majority of the pregnancy and just deliver the kids i’d probably happily procreate but the thought of things being swollen and not in a sexual way just makes me nervous i must admit. especially as i haven’t had to take care of an infant in forever and i like to sleep. and it would be a bit difficult to get up and breastfeed a kid when Daddy has me hogtied on the bed lol. i’m sure we’d work it all out but as the possibilties start to present themselves i do ponder them more. i’m off tangent though. just being a step-mother would be interesting for me. i’ve had enough of them to know what works and what doesn’t (thanks Dad) and i really have no desire to replace LS’s mom just be there to take care of her and her father. again i’m probably four steps ahead of myself but it’s been on my brain lately. i guess that means i’m more than a bit smitten, duh like y’all couldn’t tell that. nothing else to say now. we’re both ummm in a killing kitten mood and that is all.

see ya later probably

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