Daddy’s Little Girl

okay as i mentioned in the previous post the word daddy when said by the right person taps into whatever control center in my brain that releases all those lovely endorphins. i can go from a perfectly calm demeanor to umm spank me please in practically no time. and that’s what happened last night. he said daddy and i wanted to kill a kitten. i didn’t because well i wasn’t feeling entirely well but believe me it’s all that saved the kitten. my mind was still massaging daddy and all of its implication when it started raining tonight. now that the domicile is quiet and i got my nightly fix of Roaming Soldier i can tell you what is on my mind. we have this running joke about me being a girl scout, a brownie to be precise. he affectionately calls me a little cookie peddler which has led to some interesting fantasies in my brain. this is one of them. oh and Night Owl if i haven’t caught you stop reading now and go to the next entry.

He is inside his home waiting. He knows she’ll be there soon and that she’ll be perfectly accommodating when she arrives. He considered punsishing her as she was sure to be late given the weather and her seeming inability to get anywhere on time during a storm. Easily distracted by the drops of raining hitting her window. Yes she would likely be punished as soon as she arrived late and looking apologetic.

she was frusrated as hell. she had no idea who convinced her that she should become a troop leader but she was tired of short people and boxes of cookies. there still had to be half a dozen cases in her backseat and she was growing tired of people asking her if she had more chocolate covered something or others. to top it all off since one of the moms flaked out on the cookie sale she had to drop three girls off instead of rushing home to Him and getting the spanking she knew was coming. she was late, tired and to make matters worse she was going to be soaked the minute she stepped out of the car. it hadn’t rained this hard in months so she wasn’t prepared with her standard slew of umbrellas in the back seat. she would just have to be soaked though. she wasn’t going to ask Him to come and get her as that would just make that look He was sure to give her ten times worse. she pulled into the driveway, grabbed her hair and put it in a ponytail and then turned the engine off. she thought shit but there was nothing else to do but get out. she opened the door and was soaked through in a matter of seconds. she got to the door and her white shirt was see through, her burgandy skirt was sticking to her thighs and she was shivering. she knocked and hoped He wouldn’t let her wait outside because He was upset.

He had been watching her since she got out of the car and was going to leave her there to think about making Him wait but she just looked so pitiful. she’d be grateful to come in now and try to make up for her tardiness. He grabbed a towel and then opened the door. “Take off your shoes and dry yourself off.” all she could muster was a meek yes Sir in reply. she dried off as much as she could, really needing a good shower but she wasn’t about to say a word. “How late are you?”

fifteen minutes Sir.

“And what happens when you are late?”

You will punish me for my poor planning that caused You to wait.

He was considering stuffing the ball gag in her mouth and seeing how she responded to an hour under the flogger and TENS but he got distracted. her chest was heaving slightly as she tried to warm herself. her nipples were stiff and pressing against the material. If she had been a good girl, and He knew she had, then she was wearing a pair of white lace panties to match the bra that was starting to tighten as it dried. she was a brat and He was sure she’d do something else to piss Him off later. It would throw her off not to get punished right now but she would be delightful if He refrained. “Unbutton your blouse to the fourth button. Take your hair down and run a comb through it now. Come back immediately and kneel next to me.” she scurried off obviously confused but pleasantly surprised He wasn’t going to torment her right now. she didn’t know what was in store for her might be considered worse. she came back and assumed her position next to Him. He grabbed the paper He had been ignoring before she arrived and then told her to suck His clearly engorged dick. she quickly worked on His belt and zipper and was relishing the taste of Him before He had turned the page. He loved that she got so excited by pleasing Him this way but she was doing entirely too well. He let her continue for another five or ten minutes before stopping her. “Put me away honey.” she did as she had dozens of times before and then waited for instructions. “In my lap now.” she was still wet and if He spanked her now then He’d just be tempted to fuck her instead of messing with her head. He spoke to her as if she was a child. “You know Daddy doesn’t like it when you are late. I worry about you.”

yes Sir i know.

He reached into her blouse and started fondling her nipples. He heard her sigh and increased the pressure He was applying. “What should Daddy do to make you learn that lesson?” she was floating off now, it would be useless to do anything but use her as He saw fit. “Stand up honey, show Daddy your panties then take them off and sit on Daddy’s dick.” He sat back and watch her try to remain steady knowing she was ready to go off the minute He touched her again. Such a little freak. He waited for her to remove Him from the pants He was wearing and inch onto Him before pulling her down in one forceful move. her breath caught and her pussy contracted before relaxing. “Good girl. You come when I tell you that you can.” she nodded that she understood and His hands roamed back into her shirt. soon she was naked from the waist up and He was sucking, biting, or pinching her at random. He kept pushing her to the edge and refusing to let her go over. she was grinding slowly in His lap, trying to answer whatever He asked of her but they both got distracted soon. He pushed her legs in front of Him and had her brace herself against the table. He stood up enough to make sure her head was in danger of bumping the table if she didn’t remain steady. He knew she would but it would nice to watch her struggle.

He fucked her roughly. He grabbed the mass of wet hair and started using it as a lead. Long, deep, slow strokes were mixed with an almost violent assault on her pussy. she moaned, she grunted, she assured Him she loved Him and no one else, that she would never be late again–a lie He was more than willing to overlook, and that no one else but Him would ever be her Daddy. it was the intense little squeal she let out when she said Daddy that made Him grab her hips and unleash all the tension of the week on her body. she whimpered her request to Him that she be allowed to come around His dick. He said, “yes girl but do it quickly.” her muscles contracted and gripped Him tightly until she was through with the major spasm. she’d continue to have little ones until He used her again which wouldn’t be too long from now. He resumed His probing until it was impossible to hold Himself back. He barked at her to get on her knees. As soon as she looked up at Him with her eyes perfectly doe-eyed, He shoved Himself between her lips and fucked her mouth until He came. she slurped Him clean and then gently licked until He regained His composure. He withdrew from her mouth and sat back on the couch. “Zip me up. Go upstairs and run a bath. I’ll be up in about 20 minutes and we’ll start this all over in the tub.”

she left without so much as another word. He felt slightly bad that He had told the little cookie peddling child’s mother that she would be happy to take them all home. He felt slightly bad about hiding her umbrellas when He put that last box of cookies in the car. And He even felt bad that He wasn’t even the slightest bit tired and the new toys He ordered arrived while she was gone. It didn’t matter, she was His to torment and use as He saw fit. It made them both very happy. she was Daddy’s little girl after all and as she had been promising for the last few years she’d never have another Daddy but Him. He put the paper down knowing it wouldn’t get read anytime soon. He locked the door and turned off the lights downstairs. she was naked and kneeling next to the tub. His imagination was running wild with thoughts of how He would make her beg for the rest of the night. Gotta love a woman that absolutely loves her Daddy.

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  1. see…i knew i shouldn’t have read that completely through. now i gotta go shopping tomorrow. wifey needs a new outfit. thanks red. you just got her in trouble ::evil grin::

  2. Hey there Red,

    This was a delight. It made me smile.

    Smiling is a good thing.

    There is so much to think about in this post. so very much.

    so many dimensions – like your previous post which I am glad I read as well. things about you that keep being revealed one layer at a time.. and occassionally several layers at one time.

  3. Master Enigma i am glad that you enjoyed the post. chalk it up to the rain and inspiration but it was a pleasure to write.

    darling nikki i’m glad that you have found the site, i’ve been reading all of the comments you left and thank you for them. i’m Dom-less officially at the moment but that is a work in progress. my previous Dom and are still friendly though so all in all i have to chalk it up to a learning experience.

  4. Thanks for replying to my comment Red Velvet. I have a training collar and as I told you my Master lives quite a ways from me, but W/e had a casual acquaintence through blogs before He collared me. I couldn’t imagine having another Master. But I don’t like to think about such things, yet Master always makess me think about reality sometimes, that things happen. I am going to ask Master if I can start a blog since I journal to Him everyday (almost). Please email me if you want to talk.

  5. Your blog is too hot. I stumbled across it on a figging search. Its nice to know there are others out there. Your prose is excellent. I wish I were as proficient as you at describing our experiences

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