a penny for my thoughts

anyone got a penny? shiny penny to put in some penny loafers perhaps? okay while i wait on that to come i’ll go ahead and spew some stuff in advance and just patiently await my payment.

okay i can’t type yet for some reason my place is freaking on fire and i feel like my skin is ablaze and not in that mid-coitus, spanking, shower kinda way either. it’s just freaking hot. okay that’s better. good lawd. i’d just strip but you guessed it, the recent birthday girl is staring into my room and since she’s not bothering me i don’t want to close the door on her just yet. the breeze from the fan feels great though. i may leave it on as i sleep tonight. i love the breeze. plus it’s going to rain tonight and y’all know where my brain goes in the middle of a storm. pleasant dreams for red, uh huh oh yeah it’s my dream night. umm let me get back to what i was thinking lol.

i am stupidly happy. i have been blasting music in my car for a few weeks—prince, santana, r kelly (yes r kelly), and my lovely tupac mix cd including the very very angry hit em up. every now and then i’ll mellow out with some jill scott, erykah badu or india.arie but mostly it’s been prince (incense and candles will be the perfect stripper song i swear), santana (boom boom boom santana’s in the room), and r kelly (you’re my dream dream dreammmmmmmmmmmmm dream girl). entirely off tangent (like i was really on one) the matrix is on right at the part he comes out of the gooey crap lol i love this movie. anyway, i am stupidly happy. the music and speeding are very good. mommy liked her dinner and her presents–very good. people at my job really love me lol–could be because i bring them chocolate but they still love me. i think i may have warped a few brains today because i responded to a friend who brought up figging on a non bdsm related board. if i did i apologize, if i didn’t hee hee just give me more time. and the mere thought of Roaming Soldier makes me bust into a silly smile. that is a GREAT feeling. i was only able to talk to him for a few minutes before i took mommy out to dinner. i swear it wasn’t anything crucial or life-altering but when i saw it, i wanted to tell her to sit down and proceed to sacrifice a kitten while we chatted. what was the statment you may ask? is it too private to share? will it make you blush and go well i wasn’t expecting that? it’s possible but if you have been here long enough you shouldn’t be surprised by these things. drum roll please……..

hey sweety, you are on my mind as well. Have fun with mom. Eat a good meal for daddy .

so i know you are wondering why that made me all silly and girly. well really it was the daddy. makes me blush and wanna curl up in his lap so he can play with my hair until he decides it’s time to tuck me in . and it’s the oddest thing because i am really not into age play. i can role play a good scene here or there and have no problem referring to a man as “daddy” but remaining childlike for a protracted period of time is so not appealing to me. well i guess i like those over the knee spankings too but really i want to be his grown up girl so we can do those things that grown ups do. and thanks to Night Owl i am terribly aware that i am keeping him smiling as well. as i have mentioned before, nothing greater in a sub’s world than to know her Dom is smiling. and nope it’s not official or anything like that but the more we talk the more it seems like a good fit for both of us.

i’ll be back later tonight or early tomorrow morning if it starts raining like i am expecting it too. the “daddy” has a scene playing in my head now. he of course doesn’t know that the word intrigues me so but that’s the great thing about the newness of situations. we accidentally say things that push each other’s buttons and then we memorize them to push them at random. mind you Roaming Soldier can press anything on me and it’s likely to push me over the edge. and he’s eagerly awaiting the first storm that hits when we’re together lol. okay be back later. have to unleash the story midstorm and undressed. neither of which is possible now.

love ya

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