tap tap is this thing on?

that’s probably what most of my body has been thinking in reference to my brain but i’ve been thinking about it in reference to the comment boxes. have i gotten so dull and boring as to not warrant a comment or two a day (so not sobbing, really ignore me–i am being entirely melodramatic here)? i’m sure that’s not the case. i just spill so much sometimes i’m sure that people have no idea what to say to me. that’s okay, i need to vent and sit and process and come back to things later from time to time.

so today i got off early and compiled some things to give to Emperor for Valentine’s Day. He may or may not jump for joy about them but if He can crack a smile that will be more than enough for me. i also ran around and spent about two hours at the nail salon. they give the absolute BEST pedicures if only for the massage they give you. those are great. i get drowsy when folks are rubbing on me anyway but combined with the massage chair and i was ready to fall asleep. the drive home was uneventful and now i am sitting in bed half-dressed about to go find my teddy bear so i can snuggle up with her.

i am entirely tickled about seeing Him this weekend. the months apart have been trying for me as you all know and i am nearly blissful that the clock that was ticking off will at least pause come Saturday. while i would love for it to be the most perfect weekend EVER i will be satisfied mightily if we can just spend as much time awake and touching one another as humanly possible. okay so if i come back quiet all of a sudden its because He stymied the floodgate He let loose in October. but who are we kidding, i’ll not be making any sense because of the delirium but i will be talking lol.

see ya

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