scotty, beam me up

ignore the first part of this post as just the idle ramblings of a submissive missing her Dom in the worst way. okay really how in the HELL has someone not come up with the technology to have transporter beams yet? i mean star trek is decades old and there are too many die hard, very bright trekkies out there. i need someone to work on this stat so it wouldn’t matter where on earth i was resting my head, i could be with Him whenever He wanted and needed me. yes it’s selfish and it won’t be used, at least in my case, toward the betterment of man but damn it i wanna see Him instantaneously. i’m not crying or anything i really am wondering why it hasn’t been created yet. so for real someone get on that.

okay moving on. life is okay around these parts. even though i’ve been tired as hell as of late but beyond that it’s good. i miss Him but i’m not particularly manic or excitable about that. for the moment i’m happy in the knowledge that He misses me as well. this space, as i’ve mentioned before, is weird. it hasn’t been a year since we met each other and it seems like everyone i passed by to get here was well worth the heartache and drama that it created. don’t get me wrong, there are people in there that i could have been terribly happy with as well. the sex would have been divine (thinking of this one tallish chocolate man in particular–MLK day memories i tell ya lol–don’t ask) and the conversation great. we could have been a happy couple but something in there just didn’t click for us so it didn’t happen that way. for years i doubted why that was, was something lacking in me that he couldn’t return my affections beyond the physical? we eventually talked about it and no matter how important i thought i was in that outcome ROFLMAO it had little of nothing to do with me. that was good to know but i still didn’t go searching for anyone else, part of me was still tied to mr. chocolate and then it just sort of died. no warning, no major explosions, no bargaining with God at that precise moment. it was just gone. that was about a year before i met Emperor. Emperor lol who has changed my life so completely came into my life in the narrowest of windows. and i haven’t been happier.

so here we are now. i’m sleepy and missing that man whose mere presence makes me quiver–if He says my name or calls me pet i am liquid. a big gooey pile of warmth that radiates one emotion–pure unadulterated love for my wonderful Dom. it’s nice feeling this way. it makes me open and aware to the possibilities that life has to offer. there may be a glitch with the relocation plans but i want to talk to Emperor before i spill it here. i am wishing good vibes into the universe and hope that we all have wonderful evenings. and seriously someone work on my tractor/transporter beam please.

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