lyzel in E flat (he loves me)

okay i know the song title is normally written in reverse but i like saying lyzel in E flat for some reason. i haven’t listened to that song in a long stretch. i love it though. jill scott’s voice and the music blend wonderfully. you love me, especially different, every time you keep me on my feet, happily excited by, your cologne and your hands your smile your intelligence, you woo me you court me you tease me, you please me you school me, give me some things to think about, ignite me, you invite me, you co-write me, you love me, you like me, you incite me to chorus, ooh ooh…

sorry went off tangent for a minute there. today i have been nearly blissfully happy. this song has been in my head off and on. i can see it relating to Emperor but it’s not that entirely. i just love her voice. she is amazing in concert. and well He is amazing as well. for different reasons of course but His voice is quite nice. He’s making me grow in ways i didn’t think possible and i can never ever ever say how much that has meant to me. not much to tell you all. a kitten or two might be sacrificed tonight. the plan is still moving along. i’m still in my place alone (dance of joy today in my bra and panties it was great) and those halves of me are merging bit by bit. life is good. hope i didn’t confuse anyone with the title of this post. a happy girl was just on a buzz.

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