fresh warm blankets, rainy nights

the two of those things have nothing to do with one another really. but in my effort to simplify my life and get back in touch with those things that make me truly tickled to be alive i am looking at the most basic aspects of my life.

i am cleaning my room, nothing fun about it really except the satisfaction of seeing it clean for the 10.9 seconds that can occur before i tear through it looking for things. as part of that cleaning i am washing dirty clothes scattered about, putting away clean ones, clearing off my bed of assorted paper that accumulates from one week to the next and i’m doing my favorite/most dreaded thing as well. i’m changing the comforter and sheets. don’t get me wrong they get washed and tended to regularly but something has to motivate me to completely switch out the comforter set. i’m not sure if Emperor’s impending visit is the cause of that or i just wanted a new look but i’m glad i did. i crawled under the comforter as soon as i pulled it warm from the dryer. truly there is nothing like a fresh warm blanket to make you feel all safe and cuddly and dreamy. well nothing of course but a fresh warm Dom lol. now if i ever had both you probably wouldn’t hear from me for a moment. i’d be lost off in subspace floating and wondering what i did to be so lucky (ummm letting your very interesting mother move in with you might qualify but i didn’t want to just put it on that).

it rained here last night as well. we needed the rain, the weather has been dramatically dry and there has been a day or two of snow this winter. but the rain always makes me think of warm wet water crashing over my skin outside somewhere with Emperor doing interesting things to each other and hoping not to get arrested lol. i told a friend about it and she called me a horndog lol. i very well may be but having sex in the rain, rushing in for a hot steamy shower and then curling up under a nice warm blanket would just be absolute heaven right about now. ahh see very simple things would entertain me greatly right now. let me get back to the cleaning so i can enjoy a hot steamy shower soon.

see ya


You are the Angel of Fun.

Good Traits:

People don’t usually think of you as beautiful for

some reason. They more or less think of you

as really cute! You love to make games out of

EVERYTHING! That just makes life so much more

enjoyable and fun to live with. You’re never

down in the dumps unless it’s too cold or the

weather is too bad to be playing outside.

That just makes you CRAZY! You also like to

make friends with everyone you hangout with,

even if you have never met them before.

That’s only because you figure if you can get

along with them in some silly game, there’s

no reason you two can’t be the best of

friends any other time!

Bad Triats:

What you need to change is closely related to the

Angel of Nature. Seeing as to how you make

every little thing a game, you are pretty far

from serious when it comes to everything

else. You grades need to be brought up

slightly because usually, you’ll choose to

play at your softball game rather than stay

inside on such a beautiful day and do silly

homework. You also need to brush up on being

more serious when it comes to your chores,

because you usually make a game out of those

too. So you can imagine they’re not always

done quite the way your mom wants them to be!

Your Best Friend is Most Likely:

The Angel of Lonliness

– What is Your Inner Angel –
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You’re a “Purple Angel”. You’re a fighter

and you know it. If you were an angel, you’d

be part of the celestial army because your

the strongest of all the angel types. You’re

tough as nails and definately a go big or go

home person. You do everything to the best of

your ability. You’re not like the gaudian

angel where you just protect your friends but

you protect everybody. You can’t stand to see

people suffering and you’d do anything to

change that. You’re a very fun person as long

as people are on your good side and you’re

very laid back. (If you cannot see the

picture, go to my homepage and scroll down

near the bottom. I have the results from all

my quizess that have pics)

What Color Angel Are You? (PICS)
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You are Emerald.You are very caring when it comes

to nature and you love to see the forest.It

seems that nature loves you too because you

have a green thumb.You love to see others

smile and you only want world peace.You love

to love and people know that about

you.Friends or no friends, you’re still happy

the way you are.
Animal:Bald Eagle

What kind of gem or jewel are you?(With Pics, and Detailed answers!)
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You are Artemis, Goddess of night. You are not

interested in boys. You love to hunt with

your nymphs.

Which Greek Goddess are you?
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