so the plot thickens

in this case i should say the plotting has begun. i have started devising, along with assistance from a friend, a way to surprise Emperor that even He would have to be impressed by. today wasn’t a bad day by any stretch. i was happy to see that throughout most of blogland the subbies were smiling about something or other. it’s a wonderful rarified moment to be sure but a good one all the same. i’m keeping my fingers crossed for another friend who may be journeying off to visit with her Master this weekend. i’ll be plotting here lol but i will be hoping to see Emperor quite soon. He does, after all, make me tickled to no end.

okay so after not eating all day and getting my hair coiffed i grabbed dinner and now i’m trying to figure out how to pull off this surprise. i need to get to working on that now actually. everyone be good and behave. if i don’t fall asleep i might come back and blog some more.

9 thoughts on “so the plot thickens”

  1. Surprises sometime backfire. Not that they are not appreciatted but that many doms feel the “power” taken from them by the moment. Just think through carefully what you are going to do before doing it. I thought about you last night when I could not fall asleep and in the thinking about you I got aroused. Just thought I would pass that tidbet along to you.

  2. i considered that last night as well Master Enigma. the surprise backfiring could be a bad thing but i’m hoping that since its something that He wanted it will turn out okay. if not then i will have learned a lesson that i hope i’m appropriately punished for lol. now i’m going to blush because i hadn’t thought of anyone finding me arousing in any sense of the word. i hope the thoughts were pleasant ones.

  3. They were pleasant thoughts. I am tempted to share the details but think this would not be the right forum. Perhaps on my blog or in an email.

    When is punishiment really punishiment? Many times in this realm punishiment ends up being pleasurable or at least it is attention. What is an effective punishiment for you.

    I will tell you what I think is the most powerful and effective punishiment a Master can give out after you share your thoughts.

  4. for me punishment is when it’s done with no thought to a scene or submission, when it’s about embarrassment and scolding moreso than humiliation which can be enjoyable. honestly the greatest punishment at the moment would be not to allowed to make Him happy or for Him to allow someone else to discipline me as i know how possessive He is of that part of His life.

  5. When I am truly not pleased and I need to punish. Usually reserved for something really bad, like telling a lie. Then I ignore. I shun. I fail to acknowledge the presence of the female totally.

    This is a poweful punishiment.

  6. it is powerful and disarming to the sub, at least it would be to me, that’s the worst thing i could imagine honestly but that wouldn’t be punishment that would be borderline torture lol and i’d be a big mess until He was speaking to me again

  7. I always do set a time limit and I stick to it. Sometimes an effective time limit is just minutes. A few times it has been days.

    I once punished a slave like this and while she was being punished I brought another slave home and used the other slave in her presence.

    This resulted in a huge, emotional confrontation during which even I learned a few valid lessons.

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