it’s hump day, how are you?

okay so the middle of the week has come and is working its way towards being gone. i have only had a few clients but tons have scheduled for the rest of the week and next week now that they are back. i did a few intakes and they were mundane. life clicked by pretty normally and for that i am grateful.

then i sent Emperor a note that i’m sure He will be aggravated by but it had to be done at this point. i typed a lot that i just edited out because it was unfair to the situation at hand. i just shared with Him a current frustration and it’s in His hands as to how or when it will be addressed. regardless, i am much better for knowing and loving Him.

then i drove home and kept one song on repeat the entire trip. i’ll post the lyrics in a second. i heard it on a cd that i got this weekend on the shopping trip from hell lol. i love etta james but this is a more recent etta cut that just seemed to capture what was going on in my head when i heard it initially and today it just soothed the 15 minute commute. to be in love is a wonderful feeling, to have that love returned would be divine.

love ya red

I can do what I want
I’m in complete control
That’s what I tell myself
I got a mind of my own
I’ll be alright alone
Don’t need anybody else
I gave myself a good talkin’ to
No more bein’ a fool for you
And when I see you all I remember
Is how you make me wanna surrender


Damn your eyes
For takin’ my breath away
Makin’ me wanna stay
Damn your eyes
For getting my hopes up high
Makin’ me fall in love again
Damn your eyes

It’s always the same
You say that you’ll change
Some how you never do
I believe all your lies
Look in your eyes
You make it all seem true

I guess I see what I wanna see
Or is my heart just deceiving me
And with that look I know so well
I fall completely under your spell

(repeat chorus)

You came deliberately deceiving me
Makin’ me see what I wanna see

(repeat chorus)

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