had a cute title but oh well

i can’t remember what it was now. i am hormonal and thus slightly moody. forgive me if i don’t make sense again until thursday, ahh to be safe give me till friday. i really am just tired and i can’t figure out why i can’t stay untired. i sleep well i think. my dreams aren’t disturbing me but my body feels wrung out and i really just wanna curl up with Emperor. but i can’t so me and my elephant and princess bear are keeping each other entertained.

i had a pelvic ultrasound today. can i just say that nothing has been that horrid an unpersonal since people started inserting things in that general area? the doctor only asked why i was there and then gave me instructions. i mean it’s not the most fun thing to do in the world as it is (32 oz of water on your bladder is no joke). ohh and joy of joys she had to do an internal exam because she couldn’t get the picture she wanted of my ovaries. so after 20 minutes of this scope camera thing she was done and i have this icky feeling where she was pressing last. i just grabbed some food and went on home and got in bed. i doubt anything is wrong but i wouldn’t know if it was because she said NOTHING lol. okay i’m gonna go now before the memory of this irks me even more.

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