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i have to say this so as to not confuse people. i am by no means a perfect submissive. i do what i can to make Emperor smile but just as often as He leaves me frustrated i’m sure i leave Him perplexed. we both have mood swings and when they aren’t swinging in unison then we have issues. and it may be that we are just trying to force something that wasn’t meant to be worked out. i know He’s “awfully fond” of me lol and that there are moments when i surely delight Him but i can be a bit much sometimes, the care and concern can be smothering to some people. and i am dealing with someone who i know to be umm relationship phobic so my opting to stay means dealing with some of His more mercurial traits and habits. am i tickled about that? well of course not, no more so than He is about having a sub so far away whose main frustration is that she can’t do more for Him and of course that plays out in our dynamic. we are a work in progress and the attention from others i’m getting is surely like that He’s getting from those around Him. He’s just not here to talk about nor would He more than likely if He was. i love Him madly and He does whatever He does toward me in kind. the distance is not insurmountable and periodically you can ignore me when i’m moaning and whining because i just haven’t sat down and forced my schedule into compliance more often than not. i’m happy even if i’m not overjoyed. i’m content even if i’m not estatic. things between us will continue along at the clip they need to and for now i have to be good with that.

You're a rabbit fur flogger! You're so soft and fluffy and cute - but if wieled with sufficient force, you can still make an impact that will be remembered.
You’re a rabbit fur flogger! You’re so soft and
fluffy and cute – but if wielded with
sufficient force, you can still make an impact
that will be remembered.

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