in honor of halloween

i will ramble a wee bit so bear with me. first things first, i took a quiz to see what the quizilla powers that be thought my costume would be and this is what i got:

Your costume is something dark and sexy!

What Should Your Halloween Costume Be?
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nothing terribly wrong with it but it’s not necessarily what i was imagining. as a matter of fact i woke up to see one of my favorite and somewhat twisted movies on tv this morning. now if i was EVER to get myself in HS shape again then i would be this on the very next halloween:

i have been fascinated with anne rice’s version of vampires for a long stretch lol. i have liked things that were alternative for as long as i can remember which may be why vampires even pop on my radar. they live forever, they sleep all day well yeah there is that whole blood thing but save that they seemed flawed and misunderstood and thus very intriguing to me. while akasha is completely insane by the time she is introduced to the vampire chronicles she was one of the single most pivotal characters in the series to me. without her there would have never been a brat prince and thus there would have never been their interaction which made him entirely too strong and able to have a series of adventures post akasha that he would have never been able to get into. most notably the whole memnoch the devil storyline but that is neither here nor there. aaliyah’s portrayal of the doomed queen was stunning even though she wasn’t on screen nearly enough. that was my central complaint about Queen of the Damned. in that it was really most of story from The Vampire Lestat and left you with only a minor piece of the Queen of the Damned story line which was unfortunate as akasha’s death scene there was MUCH more intense and it made more sense without all the forced dialogue from the other characters.

i’ve rambled all the way down here to basically say akasha and lestat in the movie were excellent casting choices. set against the music from jonathan davis and it was sensual in the way the novels are supposed to be. no overt sexuality just interaction between simultaneoulsy asexual and hypersexual beings. while i loved brad pitt, Interview with a Vampire on screen did nothing for me primarily because of lestat (tom cruise). i left Queen of the Damned upset that no one would be home waiting for me to sate myself with. i bought the soundtrack because while i noted that stuart townsend was a lovely specimen it was mainly the music that set the tone many a woman in the theater left with. i saw it twice with different girlfriends and both were a little umm hyper after it was over. one rushed home to her husband and the other came to my place and we got drunk lol. so yeah if my tummy is EVER flat again i’ll be looking for some chain metal or a breast plate to cover the girls and i’ll be swirling my hips all akasha like.

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