communication is GREAT, but good lawd i’m in pain

okay the two have nothing to do with one another. that accursed affliction that visits me monthly has descended on me with a vengence and really i don’t like it. i’m not in constant pain but when it hits i just want to slap people around and things. i came in to see clients this afternoon and one had a flat and the next one has decided to no show. i miss my bed for aggravation. if i didn’t know my 4 would should i was just leave now, pick up supplies and call it a night. speaking of which i need to start taking my multivitamins again to stave off these bouts of anemia that hit with this. which begs the question pizza or chicken cause i aint leaving this weekend period lol. ah well i’ll decide on the way home.

as for the communication, Emperor and i have been doing the type of chatting that made me all misty eyed in the first place. perfectly timed conversations and terms of endearment have me literally floating when i’m not in the midst of a painful crunch up. i’ve been very honest about what i need and want from Him and He has responded well if not better than expected. i crave Him in a way that i haven’t for a long time and knowing that (meaning i have to be told from time to time, simple knowledge is not always enough) He feels the same way delights me to no end. remembering how He basically went from having an innocent conversation on baseball to binding me, gagging me and putting me in the most delicious of hogties in a matter of moments gives me the warm fuzzies lol.

i know i wasn’t like that more than a hour but as my brain drifted off and my body was a mix of pain (my ass is still bruised by the way lol and if you knew how dark my skin is that is saying a whole lot) and absolute pleasure it felt much longer. at some point He also pulled out a mask, which terrified me i must admit, and cut off my ability to see what was coming. my ears did perk up but there was no way to prepare for what was coming next which i have to say sent me over the edge and left me a wet puddle. by the time He untied me and finished me off i was happily floating in space . i know we talked after that but about what i cannot tell you. i know that He was pleased and fell to the bed sated. i know that i felt an intense amount of pride that i had made Him happy. we of course had the glitches that you are all aware of a few days later but they have amounted to a small bump at this point. i am His and i am happy.

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