so what would you do for a klondike bar?

umm you know that has nothing to do with my post today right? i mean i like a good klondike bar as much as the next person but it aint deep enough to garner a post.

the last few days have been okay. nothing major one way or the other. i went to dillards and found most of the requisite stockings. black, sheer, fish and fence net and one diamond pattern. i was looking for some with the nice stripe down the back which of course were not in my size. so what does that mean again boys and girls—red must keep walking around and step up the work out/diet plan.

the shoe selection around my office was HORRID. i stopped by another shoe store near my house but it’s more for everyday wear shoes, reasonable prices, but low heels. that wasn’t what i was looking for today. i ran out to one final group of stores because my body wasn’t gonna let me do too much more shopping. i ran into shoe depot–they had ONE cute pair of two and a half inch heels. i got in the car and drove down to rack room which i shouldn’t be allowed to go in by myself. the shoes were buy one get one half off but that also applied to purses and socks and damn near everything else. i found three pair of shoes, probably three inch heels, that fit perfectly–two black and one a brownish croc. then i got a nice black purse so i can act like a girl from time to time and carry one when i just need to run out and don’t want a book bag or nalia to get that done.

i also swung by bath junkie and got my scents made up. i got three massage lotions whipped together. one dolce & gabbana for men, one green apple, and one caramel and buttercream. then i had some shea butter lotion mixed up with almond and french vanilla. they had a ton of scents and colors. i wanted some things mixed red but it would have come out pink and what color would red velvet not want in her house (PINK in case you were slow lol)? things are good, i need to be working but i’m tired. i ordered my mary kay face cleanser too. i hate my face feeling icky but that will be taken care of soon. i am so bored now. i need to find Emperor. see ya

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