ok so like i’m bored and stuff

today has been the longest in eternity. i’m feeling exhausted, i can still barely breath from time to time BUT it’s not a cold. been on all kinds of pills that have done nothing but pissed me off. i finally called the doctor today but they never answered so i went to their website (yeah you heard me their website) to book my non emergency appointment. i should hear by Monday when they can get me in. next Tuesday would be great but it isn’t a rush. i’m not gonna die, just be a little miserable.

but despite my nasal issues and overall feeling of bed is good, i’m happy. sidra is currently ignoring me as she seeks to find out who the evil doers of the world are this go round. but she’s funny and i’m enjoying her journey as much as my own. well that’s not true. i am most definitely enjoying mine more but that’s because for the moment all is well. we’re talking on a more regular basis and He is being just attentive enough not to drive me batty in either direction. He’s not pressing too much and He’s not on nignore mode either. i miss Him and wanna cuddle as we’ve established but i want to be all that He wants me to be as well. i know i sound so mushy and if anyone else said it i’d make fun of them but i am really happy. okay enough for now.

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