what a difference a day makes…..

24 little hours, you know i really do like that song but it has nothing really to do with what is going on with me. well that’s not true. life is a series of strange ass days and long ass nights. ok i know i have issues now lol i was just distracted by a scent stories commercial but they are offering a ten dollar off coupon so i may have to look into that. okay now i’m back on tangent, i’ve ordered my coupon and right when i forget to be looking for the damn thing it should arrive.

my favorite bizarre movie is on right now, dogma that is, but its about to go off. i’m sorry there is something inherently funny about alanis morrisette being God and chris rock being the 13th apostle. i love looking at salma hayek though so it’s a win win for me all around. this is one of the movies i’d watch repeatedly with adorable boy when i still thought a young omega could get the job done. it’s also one of the things (the others are Memnoch the Devil, Defending Your Life, surprisingly Groundhogs Day) that makes me carry on my internal debate about good and evil, heaven and hell, the existence of God and our place on His earth. i always end up in the same place. God exists and i’m here in His image but what i do here is a result of my twisted free will. anyhoo i have another hour till my baby daddy starts playing his tennis match. if he wins today he’ll take home 1.6 million and some change for finishing second in the us open series this year.

i have a wee bit of a headache and my stomach has been acting crazy all morning. i’m a little sleepy but it’s so beyond time to be awake. i am trying to weigh my desire for intense supervision against letting Emperor have some space. He was up, we both were really, late dealing with a friend in a CRAPPY relationship. i know He’s tired and busy and i want to be a good pet despite my random outburts (shuddup sidra). He does listen to me when i say things like that as well. when i voice a concern He at least attempts to address it which from what i’ve read and gleamed is what He should do within reason. i just know it would be much easier if we were closer together. and this morning for the first time i actually contemplated talking to Him about relocation. that would probably mean me relocating to be closer to Him but i’m not sure if He even wants that so we will have to have a long discussion.

we did end up discussing the trip to Hedonism. He’s interested in going but of course He would like to maintain a low profile. a few days in Negril with me would entertain Him but He wants His life, potentially our life, to be away from the scene. which honestly i don’t have a huge problem with. it would be interesting to see how others play but what i really want is to be curled up with Him. i’m not sure when He plans on coming anymore and i want to ask about that as well. i’m beyond antsy and i’ve been killing kittens lately ROFL. if you know what that means i’m sorry. if you don’t know what that means no actual kittens have been harmed in my daily activities so there is no need to get up in arms and all PETA on me. i need to talk to both He and sidra so we can figure out the travel plans. i agreed to go to London with her in 2007 if she traipsed off with me to Hedonism. oh well, i’m gonna log off, i’ve been writing for nearly an hour now and all i really want is to hear a certain ringtone go off soon.

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