so now what does the world mean?

okay people i had a good personal life day today. work life was good today too for the most part. clients are intriguing and my work is fulfilling for me. i called hobby lobby on the way out of my office and my framing was finally done. oh my god my print is gorgeous. i absolutely love it. i spent the first hour i was home at least just staring at it. sad i know but i could be that little girl and in a lot of ways i’m still waiting on my daddy to come home. he’s just coming in a different body now.

i am thoroughly enjoying my preparation to be Emperor’s pet. He’s begun talking about collaring me now and that He doesn’t expect me to wear it all the time. i adore the thought of belonging to Him. He has made me forgot about all the extra drama in my love life and i can’t imagine anything better than being tethered to Him for a good long while. i can’t say anymore than that right now but i am happy.

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