she’s the queen of the night

It took me much longer than I wanted to find a title for this post.  This rush of sharing my thoughts is really just cause your girl is horny again.  Like someone has hooked three fingers inside my pussy and are dragging me around everywhere kind of horny.  I’ve gone to sleep and woken up horny most of the last week.  It would be easier to mentally track and process for me if someone in particular were sparking this tug but I have no one to blame.  I’m no even imagining anyone that is causing this eruption deep inside my walls.  Masturbating has actually not helped.  What happens then is it feels intensely like someone is targeting my pussy with a long thick dick and is pulling me back on top of it as hard as they can while I bounce around like a rag doll.  A happy, blissed out rag doll but a rag doll all the same.  That makes me think about swallowing the aforementioned phantom dick which induces a different level of slutty nirvana.  Like I relish a good pounding and will take one as long as there is stiff dick to administer one.  But I love sucking a dick thick enough to stretch out my mouth and invade my throat.  Especially when we find a good groove and I have figured out how to breathe around it.  Because then we don’t have to pretend you’re going to pull out when you’re ready to cum and I get to watch your eyes do demented things when I keep applying pressure long after your balls are empty and you are clean.  That’s my happy place provided you taste yummy.  Been lucky in that regard, I can only think of one person off hand that didn’t make me think just let it rip and they thankfully didn’t cum very much.

I keep thinking about pushing myself over the edge in the shower but that makes me want to fuck really hard in the shower and then drop to my knees for a hot golden shower and start all over with the cleaning process.  Or fucking so long that the water is now cold and the shivering is from both the orgasms and the temperature.  Then thoughts of nipple torture, wax play and rope invade my thoughts and my pussy starts pulsing all over again.  My pussy just jumped thinking about watching a fist disappear inside me or being strapped down and lapped into oblivion again by an insistent exploratory tongue.  I know it means I need to be fucked but I also know there’s no one on deck and I hate random hookups with unknown entity dick.  I don’t want to have to talk shit to get it rough enough for me to enjoy it like I used to have to do when I was still fucking vanilla men.  Or have them lie about their oral proclivities and wishing I had just rubbed one out and taken a nap.  I want the pressure or the threat of impending pain and having to decide if I want to comply or tempt my fate.

I know you may be wondering why any of this needs a post at all and that’s fair.  Well because much like the queen of the night bloom, it’s been a good long while since my pussy was hungry enough to want to show herself to new folks.  She’s ready to drip all over a new partner and leave cum stains on whatever is near by.  Not sure how long the sensation will last but it’s distracting and delicious right now.

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