Weekly Post #20

Prompt for today: Shakespeare Sonnet 57 This would be easier to relate to if I identified as a slave but as I do not then I cannot process.  My life hasn’t been my own in so long I don’t know what to do.  I work and am independent but it’s because I need to be in order to make sure that others are taken care of.  I just had two days away and didn’t expect to walk into something stupid but I did and then got no support from my family like normal so I don’t know that I can get to slave mindset.  Beyond the expectations in my life, I don’t know that I can ever trust anyone to take care of me.  It’s been a series of letdowns since my dad died.  Therapy didn’t help last time but maybe it will again.  I’m jealous of those that only have to worry about serving someone they love.

Prompt for tomorrow: Bottoms still desire things, slaves have no desires save those of their Masters.  See response above.

Prompt for Tuesday: D/s is filled with paradoxes and balances. This is true.  And when things don’t align there’s no path forward.  You have to find your happy place and be good there and when you aren’t good then you have to find your way back to good.  Doing that with someone that wants to balance with you is amazing.

Prompt for Wednesday: Destiny is not a matter of chance but choice.  I don’t know how to respond to this honestly.  I haven’t felt like something was destiny ever.  Maybe I’m a little too pragmatic for the sweeping romantic ending.  I want it or I have wanted it.  Now I just want peace.

Prompt for Thursday: Discipline gives total freedom, it allows you to go beyond limitations.  I think it depends on how I read this.  If it means taking control of my boundaries and working to achieve things then yep I agree.  If it means being punished, maybe for some but not for me.

Prompt for Friday: Don’t serve for a reward, serve with no expectations.  This is a noble thing to believe.  We all are of services to people in our lives but to never be rewarded, recognized or appreciated is a large pill to swallow.  I am tired of swallowing it.

Prompt for Saturday: Give your best to all your tasks, it makes you stronger. One can only become so strong.

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