insomnia thy name is fuck you very much

i woke up randomly today.  i shouldn’t say woke up.  i never really went to sleep.  i was on my way to sleep and then all of a sudden i was wide awake.  i logged into fetlife for the first time in a long time and was surprised there were three friend requests and no messages from would friends.  i didn’t ignore them or accept them.  if i don’t interact then it doesn’t matter in my brain.  i was able to do a quick check in on folks and went on back to my life.  i think that will get me through for another extended period of time.  i’ve been having some weird sleep issues outside of this bout of insomnia.  some time last week i had a very vivid dream that a young ish dominique simone was being fucked by a pretty basic fuck machine set up while some very lucky dude was licking her clit.  and in the dream i was masturbating like crazy which is what ended up waking me up.  then a few days after that i had a weird round of sleep paralysis that originally felt like someone was trying to kill me and then to have sex with me.  i’ve been masturbating a bit more than “normal” but i think that just means i’m coming out of my breakup haze.  i’ve read a few kink inspired books in that time as well and i didn’t dream about someone in particular.  i haven’t felt a longing for anyone in particular either.  i’m ready for the new person.  i still think he’ll have an accent for some reason but it could be southern just as easily as it could be international.

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