let’s just kiss and say good-bye

A few days ago i logged off of Fetlife maybe for the last time.  Outside of looking at one man and arbitrarily reading what was on Kinky and Popular, I wasn’t engaging as much as I used to do.  The threads started to feel antagonistic or just weren’t interesting to me.  That’s a by product of my own age and reactions to people that are maybe not being a jackass but that’s how I’m reading them.  I removed the default Fet tabs on my mobile devices and it’s surprisingly easy to not go back there.  I can check email for any necessary updates but really the space isn’t great for me so I should probably step away.  And the last time I was on, I read a thread or post by someone that was resonating for me only to see they were based near the DM and then that they were friends with him.  My annoyance was way higher than it should be.  It doesn’t matter that they are friends or if they interact.  He’s made his thoughts clear on interacting with me and that’s what matters.  It’s even more of a reason not to hang out there.  I don’t miss him in the way that I used to but that space and our connection reshaped my life so yeah don’t want to keep revisiting it.  I’m not sure what will be the next iteration of my submissive life.  I am pretty sure that it won’t be found on Fetlife though.  I’m going to finish the rest of the prompts in the submissive guide journal and then I’ll reevaluate where I am.  Some of the prompts have been great but I haven’t had the awakening that I was hoping for as of yet.

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