weekly posts number 9

Prompt for yesterday: How do you stay focused on service?  I don’t know that I do on a daily basis.  When I’m coupled it can slip if I’m not in regular contact with my partner because of other demands that I have on my time and energy.

Prompt for today: What happens when you are not in the mood to submit?  Then I don’t submit.  I don’t pretend to submit.  I’m pretty honest and we just don’t delve into that aspect for a while.

Prompt for tomorrow: What do you need that you are currently not getting?  Regular support and correction.  But I’m single so there’s a part of that.

Prompt for Wednesday: Complete this sentence “I knew I was a submissive when I was willing to delve into some things sexually that were not terribly interesting to me but made my partner happy and when I was performing for him in ways that pleased him.

Prompt for Thursday: What have you done today to honor yourself?  Got my hair done, got food I liked, ignored my mother.

Prompt for Friday: Do you struggle with sub drop? How are you cared for during this time?  Yes I do from time to time.  I usually need to eat and sleep then shower to reconnect to myself and the world.

Prompt for Saturday: shortened: Write a letter to yourself to read during sub drop.  Yeah this would be useless so I’m gonna skip it.

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