headaches, tummy aches and healing

I have an annoying skin condition that flares up when I’m stressed, overtired or just cause it’s a random Tuesday.  My treatment options are not great.  Antibiotics are the main thing but those come with random issues. Acne meds that work for some people and not for others.  Other anti-inflammatory meds that have different issues.  Surgery and cryo treatments are kind of last line of defense but have different issues with recovery and relapse.  Essentially you can’t do a whole lot but hope the medication does it job and when it doesn’t you are in a shit ton of pain.  I mentioned this during my last follow up with my dermatologist.  So we’ve switched all the meds and I have to say it’s helping with the last round of flares BUT I’m having a lingering headache after the morning med that gets better after I eat and my stomach has been like the fuck is this about in the sense that it hurts randomly.  That improved a bit today but it’s now a debate of do I want the flares to chill the fuck out or not and is it worth the feeling cruddy in the meantime.  I’ve been given permission to stop one of the meds after the flare clears up for a few weeks to see if how I’m feeling is medication related or something else.  But I’m also worried that without the meds the flare will crop right the hell back up.  It’s moment like this that I really want to hang out with my dad and let him rub my head for a while.  I also need to get back to losing weight and see if that helps with the flares again.  Ahh well, tired now. 

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