Fourth Week of Weekly Posts

Prompt for today: How do you handle disagreements or conflicts?  It depends on what the disagreement or conflict is. If it’s something minor like I would prefer to sleep on one side of the bed but it really doesn’t matter as long as I get some sleep then I’m probably going to bed.  If it’s not minor but it doesn’t impact me in any serious way then I’ll likely let people keep doing whatever they do and then take care of myself later.  If it does impact me or someone I care about then I like to go the direct route once I have calmed down.  Attacking when angry is not in anyone’s best interest because I can be vicious.  Once I’m calm then I will ask directly about how we can resolve this and give each of us a chance to come up with a plan to do so.  I won’t keep addressing it though.  If it becomes clear that nothing is going to change then I let it drop and just store it in my this is why I don’t deal with you Rolodex.

Prompt for tomorrow: shortened–When you are in a submissive mindset are there things that will turn you off or that will snap you out of it?  I don’t think this has happened.  I don’t get to switch to submissive headspace often so when I do then I’m usually somewhere that my daily life will not intrude.  That’s probably what would snap me out of it the fastest is having to deal with the job or mom or something else that means I have to be dominant red and not submissive red.

Prompt for Tuesday: shortened–Is it okay to be angry as a submissive, does it make you angry or why do you think someone else would be angry?  I don’t know why you wouldn’t be allowed to be angry.  Things happen that frustrate people and one of their emotional reactions may be anger.  Being submissive or being in a submissive position does not make me angry or has not that I can recall.  My frustrations were less about my place or service and more about something in the relationship that was not going well.  Not sure what would make anyone else upset because different things bother people.

Prompt for Wednesday: shortened–How did you decide you were a submissive? I don’t know that I decided more than I realized it.  I was happiest with a certain kind of man that demanded certain things from me and I naturally started to gravitate towards those that could give it to me.  Once I figured out exactly what it was that I was looking for then I pursued relationships with identified Dominant partners.

Prompt for Thursday: Complete this sentence and then keep writing: My great strength in submission is completely unknown to me.  I’m not sure that I’ve tapped into that yet.  Interesting question.

Prompt for Friday: Complete this sentence and then keep writing: I love being submissive because when I can be, I can relax and enjoy myself without imminent fear of how things were progressing in the moment.  I still need to be aware of potential for hurt but I like being taken care of however briefly it may be that I get to just slip into my submission.

Prompt for Saturday: How do you feel when you kneel or crawl?  I cannot recall crawling to anyone for anything but I feel submissive to the 10th degree when I kneel.  Especially if it’s not for any particular purpose.  I remember being annoyed with the Dutchman before he arrived because I was sure I wasn’t going to see him and I was angry.  He told me to drop to my knees as soon as he came through the door and that was the end of all the anger.  I blushed, probably let out a nervous or delighted giggle, and beyond all other things I remember being wet as hell.  So wet that when he slipped inside of me later I was literally creaming all over his dick.  Somewhere in my core, kneeling is my switch if I’m with the right person and we are in the right space.

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